Lost iris hub (can't remove my devices)

Ive lost iris hub and have tried to reboot it just keeps blinking green but slowly. The main issue is I had not disconnected all my devices and I tried to connect them in Hubitat to no avail

Silly question, did you reset your devices before trying to pair them with your HE hub?

not all of them

Many devices have a factory reset function. Check the manual for the device. You may also be able to do an exclude process with devices that were previously joined with another hub. I don't have Zigbee devices so I can't comment on that part, but with Zwave devices, put the hub into Exclude and use the method in the manual for exclusion at the device. You may need to do the exclusion process multiple times before it completes successfully.

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I don't believe Zigbee has an exclude process like Z-Wave.

The Z-Wave exclude (oddly) does not have to be done from the system the device was joined to. I guess the exclude is for the device, not for the hub. Some of the devices that didn't want to exclude from the SmartThings hub, I was able to exclude using an Aeon Minimote keypad.

what are the manuals instruction's?

They were talking about the manuals that came with your devices. It should include any factory reset or exclusion processes you need to do.

Exclusion procedure Depends on what devices you have.

Might be helpful if you listed the exact devices you have and there model number.

manual says nothing about excluding. the switches I have are 1506 and 1449 They have a pull out switch that once pilled kills power

Generically, Zigbee has no Exclude function. The hub would just delete it.

Generically, ZWave has an Exclude process, but ALL controllers can initiate an Exclude. You can use Hubitat's General Exclusion process to Exclude any device. You can also use an Aeon ZStick.

Check the manual for a factory reset function.

how do you know if its been excluded?

manual says follow instructions for controller

Are these GE/Jasco Z-Wave switches? If so, on the back should be a model number. There are different generations of these switches. Earlier models have no factory reset procedure. They must be Excluded via a Z-Wave controller. You can use the Hubitat Hub to accomplish this, but using its General Z-Wave Exclusion feature found in Settings->Z-Wave.

You should open a second browser tab to the Live Logs. Keep an eye on this second window to see if the device has been excluded. In some cases, you may need to move the Hubitat Hub to the same room as the switch in order for this to work.

Once you activate General Z-Wave Exclusion, simply toggle the light switch from off to on and you should see some acknowledgement of the device being excluded in the live logs tab. Afterwards, you can immediately pair the device by putting the Hubitat hub into device discovery mode, and then toggling the switch from off to on again.

Still need to know the details of the device? Is it z-wave or ZigBee? The answers will be different depending on the device.

Thanks for all the help. Using everyone's input I was able to get things done. process I used was to pull small tab bottom of switch out which excludes it for zwave then push it back in .set Hubitat in paring mode then back to switch and toggled on and off.
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When I said check your manual I was referring to the switch manual. Since you will likely need to do this again sometime in the near future, either document what you did or find and download the device manual. I upload manuals for all of my devices and add them to Google Drive and add them to Google Play Books. That way they are available from either my Android Phones, my iPhone or my computer.

That is actually not true. The pull-out switch is just an air-gap to cut all power to the circuit since a small amount of current will still be flowing through the circuit when it is "off". So, pulling the air-gap switch will not help you get the device paired.

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One question: What type and generation Iris devices are you trying to pair? If they are 1st generation devices, then you can't pair them, even if you do a factory reset. If they are 2nd generation or newer, you can reset them. If you do a search for Iris (device) reset instructions, For example, here is the page for the 2nd gen motion detector:

Search the Iris site for instructions for your other devices, but do so before the end of the month.

that's what one utube video said. worked for me.