Lost configuration after auto update to

Hi, after realizing my phone could no longer access hubitat (ios app), I then realized the machine had stalled. After unplugging and plugging power back in, it appears that the configuration was lost, and with only one device on there (I had about 30). Logs however show all previous events etc. It appears I can't reset my zigbee devices as it seems the hub is still communicating with them. How do I go and recover my previous settings?

In backup and restore there seem to be only a back up from the 11th and 19th, (I was under the impression that backups were created daily and was hoping to rollback to something prior).

Also, how do I prevent this from happening in the future as I need some reliability here.


If you're unable to access the regular admin UI, the first thing I'd try is the Diagnostic Tool: see Hubitat Diagnostic Tool - Hubitat Documentation. To get there, you would still need to know your hub's IP address, for which I'd recommend reserving a "static" (DHCP reservation) address in your router. Otherwise, if there's any chance it ever changes, you'll have to use some other method to figure that out (portal.hubtat.com to discover if all is working well, or the admin interface for your router will usually have a way to see what's connected where).

The reason I mention this is because the Diagnostic Tool will let you perform a graceful shutdown. Pulling power may cause database corruption. If the hub detects that the database is corrupted on restart, then the last backup will be restored. My guess is that this is what happened in your case, meaning (that you were particularly unlucky and that) the work between then and now was lost. However, you're correct that it is supposed to perform a daily backup automatically around 2 AM, so I don't have an explanation for why that wouldn't have worked.

If you are looking in the correct spot for restoring backups saved to the hub (Settings > Backup and Restore), then I'm not sure you have any options unless you happen to have downloaded a backup manually and stored it elsewhere--something that's never a bad idea (and a few creative community members have found ways to automate this if you want, something I keep telling myself I'll get around to setting up...).

If you do need to start all or mostly over, I'm not sure why the Zigbee issue you mentioned would be a problem: just reset the device, re-pair to Hubitat, and either the hub will recognize the device as one already in its database (unlikely but possible if you were lucky) or it will pair as a new device and you can set it up like normal again. You don't need the hub to reset them. Z-Wave devices will always pair as a "new" (as far as the hub is concerned) device. If all your Z-Wave devices are missing, it wouldn't hurt to reset your Z-Wave radio first (Settings > Z-Wave Details) to get a new "home ID" for your network, and similar for Zigbee if that's also applicable (Settings > Z-Wave Details) so devices that Hubitat no longer knows about don't keep trying to communicate. Might save you from network trouble if nothing else, though won't fix anything related to the above.

So...no good explanation for most of your problems except a possible cause for one, plus one idea for how to avoid it in the future. Hope it's at least a bit helpful!

Thanks for the quick reply. Good tip on the diagnostic tool. I'll have to make sure I do manual backups as well. After the update, it appears that a backup wasn't automatically made last night. Do you typically see just straight 5 days of backup in your backup list?


I have 7 hubs and here's one....

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 7.44.28 AM

There's one a day at 2:16 am plus one from the reboot to a new Platform version. That's the auto backup pattern, once a day during the 2am maintenance cycle and once per reboot.

One suggestion I'd make is to create a backup to your PC:

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 7.52.39 AM

Then do a shutdown, unplug the power (from the wall, when the LED goes Red,) and wait 1 minute before powering it back up. It will give the hub another shot at rebuilding everything. Power disconnect is the only way to power down the Z-Radios.

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Thanks for that. Mine isn't showing that, maybe the cron job isn't activated.