Loss of dimming function with Amazon Echo

Okay, so I thought I would post here as Amazon is completely useless. I have spent the better part of the week trying to resolve this over three hours with Amazon tech support with reset this, disable the Hubitat skill and re-enable the skill, update firmware, and add devises with no success. This ended with "it is the Hubitat so they will have to help". I can control all my devices physically from my Amazon app/Show and the on off by voice. The dim and percent commands DO NOT work by voice. I am at a loss and if anyone has suggestions I am open to try. @bobbyD @bcopeland tagging you for visibility as Amazon is saying it is because of Hubitat and not at their end. I think it is a back end issue on Amazon's end as this is happening no matter how I add device i.e. through Hubitat, Smarthings, WiFi, etc.

All I can say is it does work for me. I have a light in my office that is dimmable, using a GE dimmer switch. I use Alexa probably daily to set the light dim value.

Do you have the level control capability for fan devices slider on. I assume it is only for Fans but it is on for my Alexa skill and it works.

Also can you control the dim level from within the Alexa app? Should be able to go to devices in Alex app and use the slider.

Yes, each device is controllable in the alexa app (android and iOS) and on the echo sho devices. Anytime I tell echo to dim to or set to a percentage i get "I am not sure what went wrong". Just maddening!

Did you try turning on respond immediately do not wait for device in the Amazon Echo skill? That is what that is for I believe.

Not really helpful but it is working fine for me as well... so not a general widespread Alexa issue. Normally when I get that "I am not sure what went wrong" I ignore it and it goes away. I also have "respond immediately" turned on.

@terminal3, respond immediately is on. It seems that it is a back end issue in the alexa services why it is only a few just really stumps me.

Coming into the discussion late, so please forgive me if I missed this, but what device and driver are you having an issue with?

Mine works great through Alexa as well. I am using Sengled bulbs in my lamps.

The issue is with any device that has a dimming ability dimmer switch (inovelli), ceiling fans (inovelli and GE fan controller), Inovelli smart RGB lightbulb , Hank smart lightbulb, and zooz dimmer.

As long as the device has the setLevel capability and command it should work with Alexa. I personally have several of Inovelli dimmers and the Fan Controller and all work without issue with Alexa (unless Amazon is having issues - which has been several times lately).

I just tested this with one of my dimmers and it works. I wonder if there is a new Alexa firmware out with an issue?

or like an AWS region issue?

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That is what I was hoping to get from my interactions with Amazon but was the opposite and blame went on Hubitat. The dim works in app and on my show just not voice so it really appears to be on the alexa service back end.

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Okay, update it once again works. No idea what, why, or how!

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Out of curiosity, what Amazon region and language are you using for Alexa?
It isn't totally uncommon for some combinations to be broken from time to time, while others work just fine.

US English.