Looking to trade an Ikea Gateway for Philips Hue Hub

As the title states!

Just each party pay their shipping.

I wanted to add the Ikea gateway is new in the box. I never used it or took it out of the box.

I don't mind the condition of the Hue as long as it works.

Bumping this!

Thank you!

Just FYI, you can usually find cheap Hue hubs on ebay for like $15-20.

There’s one (bought it last week) for cheap here:

I have two ikea hubs. I know people might like one for firmware updates.

I'd rather kill two birds with one stone by not having to throw away a perfectly good piece of hardware and second maybe someone has an extra one or old one they want to get rid of.

I am not in a hurry.

Could always sell it on ebay too. That's what I did with my old Ecobee, Lutron non-pro bridge and iSmartAlarm system. Didn't get a ton but made out pretty well. Plus, you're selling to a larger audience so it might be a little easier. Just a thought.