Looking like you are at home

Are there any easy rules to cycle some chosen lights during evening hours to look like I'm home, or do I need to create rules manually for each light I want involved and pick specific times?

I just moved from Wink and it had a "Home Sitter" service that just made this easy.. Curious how people accomplish this in Hubitat.


I use this rule to turn on/off my downstairs hall and loo when the mode is away.
It turns on the hall light then the loo light seconds later. It then turns off the loo light and then the hall seconds later.
It meant to look like someone is going to the loo.
I have another one that runs through the night for my upstairs hall and en suite lights.
It should give you some ideas.


You can totally go the way that @bobbles suggested - and that should work.

I just want to add that Bryan (@bptworld) has developed an app for that called At Home Simulator.

Since you're relatively new to Hubitat, you should definitely check out his Github and collection of apps - there's some solid gems in there.


Any chance you have an Echo device? Setup the devices you wish to use. It sets each time you leave but will only turn on lights after sunset


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I do have Echo - Can you elaborate? Just set up a routine to turn on lights? Or some other feature?

Thanks! I'll dig in and give it a try

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  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Tap the menu button on the top left.
  3. Choose “Settings.”
  4. Choose “ Guard .”
  5. Tap “Set up Guard .”
  6. Setup devices and other options


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Ok. So that’s embarrassing. Went to Guard set up and already had a few lights configured. Probably did that when I installed Ring Alarm a few months back and first experimented with Guard. Didn’t do many because Wink had me covered back then. So thanks for that - certainly easiest solution for me.

Meanwhile, a sign of too many hubs, apps, brands, protocols for my brain ......

LOL no worries.

I tend to come home at night and find random lights on and think, WTH HE rule did I mess up this time, then my wife reminds me, didn't Alexa make our lights random? DOH


I use the simple lighting app. Very easy to use and works great.