Looking For your old Smart Locks from the junk drawer

Looking to purchase used smart locks that may still have some life left in them.
They could be Zigbee or Z-Wave (but Z-Wave is preferred).
Willing to piecemeal this together one at a time.

I have 4 doors I want to add locks to:

  • Garage service door do not care what it looks like at all.
  • Laundry <> Garage door and Private Office entrance looks are slightly more important.
  • Main front door, I probably will need to get something new, looking for black/oiled bronze finish.

Reply here or send me a PM if you have any old locks you want to get rid of!

Bonus will be that if I do get some Z-Wave locks, I can guarantee I will be working on a custom lock driver, possibly universal, with whatever features the community demands.

Okay, so not used or in any of my drawers...
But you might want to look at this brand new Z-Wave one for your front door.
I personally have Yale locks, but have heard good things about Alfred.

$99 Alfred
Even cheaper if you live by the border: $99CDN Alfred

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Yeah thats a nice deal right now, I might have to give that one a go for the front. Better than you can even find stuff on eBay for. I have looked at that brand before. I believe some people have posted a couple of issues with that brand, I will have to see what they were. Possibly not reporting back what codes got used or something. I usually read up on all the lock threads as I have been looking to buy for a while.

Really fun part is going to be that NONE of my doors have dead bolts, just knob locks which are mostly junk and falling apart, doors are steel. Will need one of those deadbolt drilling kits so I dont F up my doors.

I think I have one laying around. I'll shoot a PM if I find it.

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I now have three of those DB1’s. Quite happy with them. Required a firmware update to get codes reported. My only disappointment is that while you can differentiate which side of the lock was used for unlock events, you can’t for locking events.

Oh man your like 3 days late. Woot had a sale for zwave locks for like $40.

Yeah I think I saw those, for the gold ones? I would maybe put that on my service door, but no where else. We are trying to get rid of all the gold from 1997.

I have a schlage be469 would let go for $75 plus shipping (has 7.2 firmware on so pairs fine)