Looking for the Dimmer/MS combo

I have 3 Enbrighten Dimmers with Motion Sensors. Unfortunately all these 3 toys
(and only these 3 out of around 50+) are very unreliable. Usually the speed is only
9.6Kb/S (sometimes goes up to 40Kb/S but never higher). Very often they are missing
to report "inactive" (somehow reporting "active" is not a problem) so I have a special
rules for refreshing their "inactive" status.
Bottom line, I am looking for the replacement but cannot find anything suitable.
The replacement must be Zigbee or ZWave and of course, must be compatible with HE.
I can use a WiFi devices but control must be 1000% local (clouds are absolutely no go).
I can use HA-HADB integration but direct integration with HE is highly preferred.
Adding extra hubs such as Lutron is not desired.
Does anybody know what could be a good replacement for this devices?

Zooz is supposedly releasing a MS switch (maybe dimmer? I dunno) sometime soon. This will be a PIR MS AFAIK.

Inovelli will be releasing a mmWave switch/dimmer likely early next year. Early preorders for it are closed, but I expect they'll get it released more widely as fast as they can.

It would seem that a ms switch would be a nice fit since the ms needs to be powered by something more than battery.

I am testing many different mmWave sensors as we speak. So far this latest Linptech
24GHz sensor is the best. But for the MS replacement mmWave could be to...o sensitive.
I'll rather stay with MS sensors.