Looking For Some Relays to Automate a Fireplace, power is my issue

TL/DR - anyone have good pointers on relays that can run for a good period of time on batteries?

I am looking to automate my fireplace... this is a touchy subject in the household as I "fixed" our last fireplace which then remained broken for 3 years until we remodeled, we now have a nice new one that my wife loves very much so I better not break it...

My ideal configuration is that the remote thermostat, which simply sends on/off would go into a relay which then goes to the actual on/off on the main board. Same with the lights. It's all low voltage DC (6v or lower). The real issue is that getting power for the relay is a challenge, without some construction I can't get 110 in there and there's no power I can tap easily. The current remote thing actually runs off four AA batteries that we change about twice a year.

If it wasn't for the power I would just use the Zooz Zen-16 which has worked great in my garage.

Does your fireplace have an RF remote? If it does have you taken a look at the bond hub?

I use this to automate my fireplace. I have the hub sitting in the basement and the signal reaches the fireplace on the main floor. You can also automate things such as on/off and flame up/down without affecting the existing remote.

It does... and as sad as it makes me that might be a good option.

The whole design makes me so mad, I’d love to just rip it all out and build my own but safety (legality for that matter) and household bliss weigh in.

What I don’t love about the RF option is that I can’t tell if the fireplace is on or not in the event I miss the signals. If I hook in between the rf receiver and the controller I know if it’s on or off and can override it.

Did you take a look at the Zen16, it has 3 relays, not knowing much about Fireplaces like that, I'm not sure sure what exactly you need, but if it's just relays, there you go.

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Ya getting the feedback that its on/off will require extra work. In my case I don't run it when I'm not in the room so I just look at it. But maybe something like a temperature sensor can be setup next to the fireplace to signal its on when its above a temperature point? Even at the lowest our fireplace gives off a lot of heat.

I recently got some of these

You'll have to look up how much power the relay coils take but I don't think it's much.

Would this work?

It's battery powered and you could just connect your fireplace to the fan contacts of the thermostat. The heat/cool/fan controls are basically just relay contacts...

Not really... the controls need to be in the fireplace control area.

I guess ideal would be battery powered switched relays (zen16 but battery).

Just leave the thermostat outside and run 2 wires to your control. The thermostat is probably your best option.

This proves that what I really want is possible at least from an EE standpoint.

I can’t have wires running out of the fireplace (it’s basically a free standing steal box) and if I am going to add wires to the control box it would be 110 so I can just run a any relay I want in there.

Ideally the current switch goes in, the relays sit in the middle, So if the existing remote says on the fireplace turns on unless I override. Similarly I can turn on without the remote. This is exactly what the zen16 let’s me do for other stuff but it’s a power hog so battery wise not a great option

My wife would say... so you want something that didn’t exist :slight_smile:

The thermostat just tells me what I want is possible, which makes it all the harder to accept that I might just need to get power into the control area.

Zen16 only needs 12V to work, no need to get 110V in there :wink:

Could you Wire the GoControl thermostat in parallel with your existing control? Tucked somewhere in your fireplaces control compartment?

Or install the GoControl and then replace your existing control entirely... maybe with a button control and temp sensor.

The thermostat uses battery. You will only need 20 to 24 gauge wires from the thermostat to your controller.