Looking for power monitoring device for well pump

I looking for a way to monitor the power usage of my well pumps. We share a well with two other houses, the well is on my property and is run off our power meter. I need to know how much power is being used so we can make sure we are getting reimbursed fairly.

We run two pumps, one is for the deep well and the second is a booster pump. Both run on 220 volts, maybe about 20 amps total running (just a guess).

Anything like this out there?


I think one of the Aeon Labs Energy monitors should be able to do it.

The problem would be that it is Z-wave and depending how far your pump is from your house that may be an issue.

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I would imagine the power is in the breaker box back at the main panel.

Wow that is exactly what I am looking for. And I am changing that side of the house to Z-Wave with a Zen16 in the garage and the outdoor lights to Z-Wave. I’ll be under 100’ to the well.

I am so happy I dumped Wink and moved to Hubitat, this community is great.

Thanks again.


Yes, the main panel is at the house right under a smart light bulb. That panel is a mess. One of the worst wiring jobs I’ve seen. I keep saying I’m going to clean it up, but I don’t want to open a can of worms. :thinking:

The sub panel will be a nice clean install. Plenty of room in there.


So I looked into this and don’t see compatibility with Hubitat. Anyone using it with HE?


Yup. I have several, they work great.

this is their newer version that is zwave plus but you plug inline instaed of on the breaker

you dont need to use the switch part obviously

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This would could work too. But it would be a lot more work to install.

The switch function could come in handy for the deep well because we can get on a program to just run that pump during off hours and get a cheaper rate on power. Something to look into.


Any chance you can post a screen shot of the data you get from the meter?

Basically what I need is to know what the monthly power usage is at the well. Other useful information would be daily and weekly, but that is not that important.

Can I get that from these meters?


The meter keeps a running total of your energy usage, you would have to make up some rules in RM to have it calculate daily, weekly, monthly energy usage.

I have an older V2 unit and I calculate my usage all through RM, the principle would be the same on a newer unit. RM sends me a push notification every night with previous daily energy usage and cost. I also have a push notification each month that tells me monthly energy usage and cost.

In my case it is a simple calculation as our energy is charged at a constant rate all the time.

I originally had it setup in webcore in ST but have ported all my rules from webcore to RM. I use Hubigraphs and RM to create graphs of my usage. Below is an example of my daily and hourly energy usage charts.


Thanks for the reply. I spent some time over the weekend getting the wiring setup to add the Monitor or the switch. Still a little nervous about pulling the plug and buying one. I am a noob when it comes to Hubitat and have not messed with RM at all. Will setting up the notifications For weekly or monthly be difficult?


Well that is kind of subjective. It also depends on your power company. You mentioned running pumps at certain times to lower cost. If you have varying rates that can make it a bit more difficult.

I believe my V2 version had a parameter you could enter that would set a rate per KWh and you could read back cost. I never used it and maybe the newer versions have this as well. Again it's a fixed rate and if you have to change rates based on time or date, then it is not so easy.

Like I mentioned for me in a earlier post my power company uses a constant fixed rate per KWh. So it's a simple calculation.

Also my power company reads my meter at the same time every month. I know some have varying billing cycles, again another variable to track. I guess in your case you are only tracking the usage of one particular device not your whole home, so that really shouldn't be a concern.

In my case I just read my energy level every night and every hour. From that I can calculate daily and hourly cost. Then I send a reset each month on the same date, another easy RM task. I think there is an app someone ported over from ST you can use to reset you HEM at preset times. So that would be one less thing.

I am sure the community will help you if you need any assistance once you get it hooked up and reading

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Thanks again, I did some checking into the split rates with the power company and until I know how much power the well is using I’ll stick with the plan that I have now that is a constant rate. So that should make it easier. I’ll probably order soon.


Very interesting the way you address the power consumption monitoring, is it possible to share your RM for the calculations?


This is what I use for Hourly. Its a total of 4 rules. I also have one for daily and monthly and a rule that reads the meter each night at midnight and stores that in a global. I can PM the JSON files if you want.

The part about adding .001 is because the virtual energy meter I use will not generate an event if the hourly energy does not change. Every now and then it will be the same from one hour to the next. I graph the data using Hubigraphs and if you don't generate an event then no data is plotted.

Here are the graphs I get for energy usage. The Monthly graph is not to useful as hubigraphs only allows you to plot a month of data. I have been hoping he might increase that at some point. The gap in the energy at midnight was when I was moving the meter from ST to my C7 hub. I had been running on ST using Hubconnect.

Thanks for your fast answer, I will look at it this weekend

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