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Hi all. Has anyone developed a device type that polls the hue bridge for its switches and their status? I do not want to integrate hue into HE, and prefer not to make it a debate as to why. Thanks in advance for your help.

What would the "status" of a switch be? I assume you mean a ZLLSwitch like the Hue Dimmer, Hue Tap, and similar devices are in the Hue API, but since you can't get real-time events out of them, I'm not sure what else you could get besides "last button event"--certainly possible, but not anything that anyone I'm aware of has done. (If you mean "switch" like "smart plug" or other on/off device, that is certainly possible.) I'm also not sure what you mean by saying you don't want to "integrate Hue into HE," as this sounds exactly like that, unless you just mean you don't want to pair these devices directly through HE but rather access them over the Hue API via the Bridge--again possible theoretically, just not something anyone I'm ware of has done for this exact purpose.

I do have a custom Bridge integration that I'm experimenting with sensors (e.g., the Hue Motion sensor) on. This is possible with the latest beta. I could be extended to do something similar for buttons devices (or "switches" in the Zigbee sense), but I don't really have any interest in doing that myself given the lack of use I see for it. These are subject to the same limitations as the devices I assume you're talking about, and it appears you understand those limitations already.

Alternatively, if you have some idea of what you want to use them for in HE or how exactly you want them to be exposed, someone may have other ideas.

That's exactly what I am looking for. I just recently noticed that the hue motion sensors have a disable attribute (I think that is what it was named). What I want to do is have hubitat send a call to disable the motion sensor when the hue dimmer is used to turn the lights on. I also want to keep my Hue bridge and Hubitat separate because I am constantly having issue with my hue switches dropping off hubitat. Not to mention I love the simplicity of creating a hue scene and then assigning it to the motion sensors within the hue app.

I am currently doing this work with node-red, but I would like to consolidate the number of device that are on my network. ( I have a ton of pi's doing various things. )

I could develop my own app and/or driver to do this, but why reinvent the wheel. :slight_smile:

There's actually a Hue Labs I'm using for a very similar reason. My wife likes to bath with candles around and doesn't want the motion sensor to trigger the lights. Since I have my indoor Hue joined to the Hue bridge, doing that was tricky and unreliable until I discovered this particular Hue Labs named "Sensor Snooze". I'm enabling mine via an Alexa routine.

By the way, and not trying to debate anything, but just wanted to add that having the Hue bridge integrated with HE doesn't take any control away from the Hue bridge. I still have full control of the bridge, and I use a Hue button that is joined to the bridge, plus the motion sensor I mentioned. Yet I also control it with Pico switches via the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, and motion sensors that are directly joined to the HE hub. Zero loss of control on either side. Just food for thought, that's all. :v:

I just never seem to get the same control experience with my hue dimmers and motion sensors connected to hubitat. They either respond to slowly or drop off and won’t control things. However, they work flawlessly when connected directly to the hue bridge.

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I’ve never tried connecting the dimmers, but I didn’t like how my Indoor Hue motion sensor worked on HE versus the way it works on the Hue Bridge. Very particular reasons, but just expressing that I understand.

I only control the lights from the Hue integration, but I like that it doesn’t take away the control from the dimmer or motion sensor directly joined to the Hue bridge.

Now my outdoor Hue motion sensor is on the HE hub, and that works just fine. Go figure. :man_shrugging:t3:

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So here's how I fixed got this to work in my setup. I ended up using advanced hue bridge integration, and only brought in a zone for a specific set of lights. These lights were the ones controlled by the hue switch. When that zone is turned on I have rule machine run a rule triggering the device driver HTTP Momentary Switch which sends the API command to disable the group of motion sensors.

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I looked at this and it looks like this only disables a single motion sensor. Unfortunately I have a pair of motion sensor using another Hue Lab to pair them together. This one would have only disabled one of them.

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That’s awesome! This is exactly the reason I built my driver. I had a similar need, to poll a bulb for status and react to it. The whole reserves of the entire hub and no way to command a refresh was too limiting. Glad it worked for you.

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