Looking for compatible ceiling lights

So I've decided to use Hubitat in combination with shellys for my lights.

I'm looking for smart dimmable ceiling lights with a warm/cold setting which I could easily use with Hubitat.

Specifically, I'm having trouble finding simple 20-25 cm large round LEDs which could do the trick. I'm also looking for a large living room LED and two 30 cm round or rectangular LEDs for the kitchen. Anyone have good experience with specific LED ceiling lamps and Hubitat?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe a location would help, it sounds like you are not in the USA? Our mains voltages and electrical system is quite different than most of the rest of the world. But there are lots of users from around the globe who might be able to help if they know where you are from.

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I'm in the EU. I'm just looking for LED ceiling lights which would be relatively easily connected to Hubitat. How about the Xiaomi Yeelights?

Sounds like my Osram Lightify Smart+ ceiling light.

These Ceiling lights from Yeelight are really bright, and they work great.
LED Ceiling Light-luna-Yeelight

Not a bad option. Xiaomi technology is quite flexible in settings and supports different operating systems and control systems.