Looking for a way to mute annoucements for a period of time

I have two google mini's that I'm using for system announcements doors open people arrive ect. But I would like a way to be about to mute announcements for a set period with a button push. Lets say 3 hours and then have them start up again automatically after the time has elapsed.

So far I have been unable to make this work. I have created custom commands for mute speaker and tied it to a button trigger push but it has not worked nor have I found a way to get things to return to normal after a set period of time without having to do anything again.

Any ideas?

One way to do this would be to create two actions and a trigger in RM.

  • The first action pauses your announcements rule.
  • The second action resumes your announcements rule after a delay.
  • Then, create a trigger from your button press that runs both actions.

I have something similar to this on my Vera/Elk setup. The Elk has a chime button on the keypads to turn the chime on and off. I put in a rule on the Elk so when the chime is on, an output looped back to an input turns on. There was no way to directly get the chime status otherwise.

On the vera, I monitor that input for changes, and my voice LUA code checks the status of the chime input. It exits if the chime is off, and continues with the speaking if it's on. Once I switch over to my Hubitat, I'll have to reimplement it there.

I do this with a virtual switch timer
I wrote a little virtual device driver that will switch itself on/off after a configurable period of time.

I have a virtual ‘mute’ switch which reverts to the previous state after 90 mins (configurable)
I have another one which stops my botvacs running for 24hrs
I have it on github somewhere if you want to try it?


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