Looking for a recommendation for a TV DVR

Would prefer a subscription-free TV DVR that's next gen 3.0 solution preferably to tie into hubitat. Do you recommendations would be appreciated.

You’re referring to an ATSC gen 3.0 tuner?

What kind of integration with Hubitat did you have in mind with respect to recorded broadcast tv?

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Well first things first I'm trying to find a free subscription free DVR. Second I'd like to be able to schedule recordings from over the air television and have next-gen 3.0 ATSC 3.0 television with some type of user interface like a guide. I currently have a free ATSC 2.0 subscription free setup with no remote access using an android-based set top box. Something similar to a TiVo would be nice. I just don't have the money to pay TiVo for service or I would use it. I'm trying to keep everything in one app instead of have multiple apps loaded on my phone.

Get a used TiVo Premiere or Roamio or Bolt with lifetime service. I had a Premiere that I purchased with lifetime service for $650 in 2010, and sold in 2019 for $400. So my cost of ownership was about $2.50 a month.

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Sounds like you’ll narrow down your device options based on the primary features of the DVR.

I don’t think Hubitat is going to factor prominently (or at all) into your decision-making, unless you can clarify if there’s something specific you have in mind re: how the DVR and Hubitat would interact with each other.

I believe the new nexgen signal is encrypted. Over the air stations that are locked down can not be recorded. There is an FCC petition is stop the encrypting and allow recording and saving recorded shows.
CHECK antenna man or Lon Seidman (lon.tv) on YouTube

To add to this a bit, ATSC3 signals don't have to be encrypted (it's an optional part of the spec), but a large number of stations are choosing to encrypt things. Currently there is no DVR software available that can play back those encrypted streams, and only commercial, closed source software will be able to meet the requirements of the certification body for playing back encrypted content. SiliconDust looks like they might be close, but you'll have to use their app, and there's a monthly subscription for it.

I use their HDHomerun device, works great. Subscription is only $35 a year. In our area we don't have any ATSC3 stations yet, so can't comment on that.

Another option which I have used is Tablo. Subscription is a little higher, don't remember exactly how much, but it works well also.

Does tablo having ATSC 3.0 tuner yet? If so do you guys have a price or does tivo have one yet I wouldn't mind TiVo. But my other problem is I would like to make a whole house set up I currently have five TVs that I need DVR service on.

It's my understanding that the latest Tablo has the ATSC 3.0 tuner.

The Tablo, or the HDhomerun can supply multiple TV's via your WIFI. You need a smart TV or a ROKU, or something similiar. I use a ROKU on one TV and a Apple TV 4K on the other. That's all the TV's we have.

Can anybody give me a link to the tableau 3.0 ATSC tuner I'm not able to find it?

Tablotv.com. But I stand corrected on my earlier post. Apparently they didn't include the 3.0 ATSC.

The HD Homerun unit does have 3.0 ATSC.

This is all new to me; I'll have to read up.

I do have an older, cheap DVR that still works well.

I can't believe the local OTA stations will be encrypting their signals. These days, they hardly broadcast anything worthwhile.

I bet the encrypted programs could be recorded with an old school VCR.

Sure, the DVR has more capacity and higher quality, but issues like this come up. You could tape a show and bring it in to work for a colleague.

Check out Channels DVR


Channels Server runs on multiple platforms, integrates OTA (HD home Run), many pay and free streaming services. DVR only limited by HD size, You can even integrate your own media.

I run it on on the same server as my Blue Iris surveillance system, I use Walmart ONN and Apple TV for the streamers at each tv and integrate OTA, Philo, PlutoTV and PlexTV.