Looking at some budget tablets

I am checking out some tablets on Amazon to use with Hubitat and also my security camera setup and doorbell camera. Both security camera setup and doorbell camera have its own apps in Play store and I probably use web browser "Chrome" to control some Hubitat functions when needed.

I am looking at this one .. Anyone have any experience with this brand? Pro? Con?


I thinking of mounting it on wall between the kitchen and family room powered by a usb outlet which I will swap out a unused switch with.

There are 3 switches and one is no longer used since it used to power the room outlet and I made all outlet hot all time so I got a spot to put in usb outlet and mount tablet above the switch.

I may even mount a small shelf or hanging basket under the switch to hold phone and handheld game consoles to be charged by the same usb outlet.

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The brand in another model is an Amazon Choice. I find these choices usually right-on.


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Your plan would certainly work, but the tablet might even be overkill for what you want to do (with regard to Hubitat dashboard; I know nothing of your cameras). Are you sure you want to have the exposed USB cable, and a tablet in a stand?

The usual go to is a refurb Amazon Fire tablet in a wall mount frame over a recessed USB outlet. You could easily wire the outlet into your existing switch box just below it unless there is some horizontal obstruction there.


The tablet will be wall mounted above the switch and you are correct about adding a second gang box right above it too.. Now you have me thinking about this.. Good feedback ..Thanks

Fire Tablet have a restricted app store and normally does not have a build in hardware encoder for to decode playback videos from security camera on the fly.

The camera set up I have are the Dauha brand which is mostly used commercial places but I like the Dauha starlight camera and how much it could see at night around my house in total darkness. All camera recording are stored to a NVR hidden way and playback are viewed by laptop now but I want to be able to do on tablet too.

My doorbell is a EZviz doorbell and no monthly charges either. It can save and store recording locally. My wife and I loved that doorbell camera. Worth looking into it IMO.

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I saw that one too.

Sometime when it like 40 dollars or more for a faster processor with more ram, it's always worth to me to future proof it.

Thanks for sharing!

I was looking into the same idea
This video describes setting up a kiosk browser

and tis one on how to mount it

I had not thought of refurbs going to look now :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing!

Those mounting video help me visualize it better.

I am looking for a tablet myself, but I am wary about wall mounting a tablet due to the potential hazard with batteries puffing. I have seen first hand an iPad bending due to a puffed battery and I am hesitant about going this route.

I have looked at PoE tablets on Aliexpress, but they are all quite bulky. I have also been toying with the idea of opening a tablet, removing the battery and connect it directly to power, but I have yet to find a suitable tablet that someone has already used in the same way.

What are your thoughts ?

I did wall mount one, using Velcro Command Strips.

I put the power on a smart outlet, and have it activate with a motion sensor that serves my kitchen. It stays on for 15 minutes, and then off. So it isn't constantly charging, it just gets a burst every so often.

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I know there are also a myriad of apps for Android to control the charge, but in the end there is still a battery in there.

I have been thinking about going with a Raspberry Pi solution with touchscreen. Could also be nice to use that for other computing.

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Newer tablet should have a better battery regulator to eliminate this issue but you'll never know.

I am sure tablet manufacturer don't want a "Samsung" mistake which costed them millions.

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