Logs Page URLs: How to Specify App ID?

So I have a new Rule Machine 5.1 "app" I've just setup and wanted to keep a tab open on the logs page filtered just to that app. For some reason I will never understand, Hubitat have jumped on the bandwagon of hiding helpful things from users so clicking filters on the Logs page doesn't update the URL - not only that, none of the device and app names at the top or their ID numbers down the log entries are actually links, they trigger obfuscated JavaScript events. Thanks to this, I cannot bookmark the logs for a specific app / device or even reload the page and have it still filtered to that specific app / device.

I can't remember how I found it, maybe Hubitat used to treat us like reasonable people who can be trusted with simple URLs and this is a recent change to treating us like children undeserving of basic, helpful things like USEFUL WEB LINKS WE CAN BOOKMARK, but I have this URL in my browser history that still works to just show me past logs for a specific device.


Changing the ID number to my new app's ID returns a blank log page as there is no device with that ID number, and changing the parameter to appId or app or installedApp just gives me the full past logs page with no filters applied. Also, changing tab=past to tab=live or tab=logs or just removing that part gives me a blank logs page, so I currently can't even have pre-filtered live logs, only past logs which I have to manually refresh to update!

  1. How do I get specific URLs just for current and past logs of a single app?
  2. Is it possible to make URLs that pre-filter more than one device and / or app? Using commas and pipes between valid device ID numbers hasn't worked.
  3. Why are Hubitat intentionally obfuscating the hell out of Log URLs and treating us like children unworthy of such advanced information?

I have tried searching this forum and the documentation for things like "REST API" and "logs page URL" but can't find anything relevant.

Might I suggest criticizing the developers, implying they have some kind of contempt for users, will not win you any favors.

Separate to that, I do like some of the ideas you have listed, seeing them as improvements to what we have now, particularly multi-device filtering.

I know that the Live logs page does only display logs that occur after you load the page, and that has been the case as long as i have used the platform. It would be nice to have the live logs include logs from the recent past as a starting point.


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