Logitech Ugh

My smarthome life began in 2015 when my brother gave me the original echo dot as a bday gift and apologized to my wife all in the same motion lol.

The very first device I bought was a Logitech Harmony Hub. I've owned Harmony products for two decades. I recall my wife being shocked at the price tag for 'just a remote control' back in 2002 lol.

In six years my entire smart home has received several upgrades. My own joke is that I'm on version 5.2. The one device that stays strong is the Harmony Hub. Unless I'm upgrading an AV device I never think about the Harmony Hub. I rarely ever have to tinker with it. The only time i do is when we lose power it has a habit of connecting to the Velop node furthest away. A quick unplug and reboot always fixes it. It's a terrible device when your wifi SSID changes but it's manageable.

So now with them shutting down and no viable replacement I do get a bit concerned. Sure they say it'll be a long time before they shut down their servers... but we learned with ST app and IDE that a long time is about 3 years. I figure I have 3 years to figure out a decent replacement. Thing is a lot my devices are connected. So like with my big screen and Chromecast with GTV i can likely just integrate them into my own automations. However I still have a PS4, which really doesn't work well with the Harmony either.

I really don't feel like buying a new AVR as I just bought one. I would've searched for one more connected if I knew this was coming.

I really hope someone either offers to buy the Harmony brand and bring it to 2021, putting a new spin on it or someone steps up to fill their shoes.


I love my harmony hubs and I'll miss them dearly if they go away some day, but I've already decided if that happens I'll just use RF repeaters and multiple remotes again. I'm on this weird campaign right now to simplify my life as much as possible. Ditching voice assistants in favor of motion based lights and if I need to have a couple of remotes sitting out so be it. I've grown a bit tired of being at the mercy of these various tech companies. I really have.



Same here, I started to look at alternatives also but there isn't much outside of BroadLink IR hub for blasting IR but the other side of the equation with a wife and guest friendly TV / AV remote. I don't folks to use a cell phone when a good old dumb remote sitting on the end table is easier to use and has tactile feedback.

I don't even really use the Harmony remote. The hub basically turns the system on and switches inputs at this point but its integral to my smart home cool factor, WAF and toddler approval. The Chromecast remote and the PS4 remote handle most the other work just because their relative ease. I honestly don't know where the elite remote is but I may buy a hub and stick it in the closet in case this one busts before dooms day lol.

This might end up becoming my solution.

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