Logitech Harmony Pro 2400

Just ran across this puppy today. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any concrete details on price, etc.
I called one of the listed resellers and they don't even have it on their books. Looks like it may require "professional installation" and may only be available through Dealer Channels....which to me means that it's probably not be worth the price...but it definitely got my ears to perk up. I'll be keeping my eye on this just out of curiosity.


Yeah. If it requires an installer (which the page insinuates it does) I'm 100% not interested.


Not even half a percent interested?

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Nope. :slight_smile:

Installer = no deal for me. No matter what the device can do.


Logitech just needs to stick with HT control, this seems pointless when we have HE.

Installer required doesn't ALWAYS mean installer required. :wink:


It's actually quite reasonably priced from the distributor... less than $150CDN (wholesale)... but it is a special order item... The Harmony Pro Ultimate is over $400CDN... and the 2400 kit remote seems to be the same remote as in the Pro Ultimate.

The support documents show it is controlled with the same harmony control software as previous remotes, so it should be usable without requiring installer intervention (most procedure are mentioned as "do this and that OR contact your installer"...

They always had a “pro model” they have ranged from $550-$725

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