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Hey All,

I purchased a new Logitech Harmony Hub to add to my system. After spending 4 hours getting it to connect to my router (Asus routers don't play nicely with Logitech hubs apparently). It is successfully connected and working with the harmony app.

I went to install it in hubitat using the ported app from smart things (which my old hub is using) and it won't see the new hub. I logged out and logged back in with no luck. Then I wiped the harmony app completely from my hubitat and reinstalled. None of my activites worked :frowning: So I went nuclear wiped everything harmony from my hubitat and reinstalled from scratch. When I reinstalled it didn't install my activities from harmony. So I went in and restored from a backup and things are working (all my devices are listed as inactive until I trigger them but they seem to be working).

Just for fun I hooked up my Smartthings hub to see if I could connect the hub to that and no dice there either.

So I guess my 2 question are:

  1. Why does this hub not want to connect but my other hub will
  2. Is there an alternate way to get this working or am I stuck?

I don't think there is any official support for Harmony. All the apps I know of do not directly talk to the Harmony, but a program called Harmony-API which can be run on a Raspberry Pi. I think that is why it can't find the Harmony Hub.

The simplest solution I found was to hook Hubitat and the Harmony to IFTTT. Then I created a virtual switch for my on Hubitat for my TV and have IFTTT watch for it and turn on the TV via Harmony. The main draw backs are that it's a little slow because of the cloud, and the Harmony integration to IFTTT only can turn on scenes on the hub. It can't report from the hub to IFTTT.

There are a bunch of projects floating around. So depending on how much digging you want to do there might be some other solutions, including having the Harmony send events back to Hubitat. But so far I think all require something running on a server, PI, or ST cloud.

Oh, the other work around is to use a device that is native in Hubitat and Harmony to communicate. So the Harmony can say, turn on a outlet not being used, and the Hubitat sees that.

Thanks for the info.

I know it's not officially supported just thought someone might have come across the issue. I might try and get samsung support to help and see why it won't connect. Once ST can see it hubitat should be able to. I'm wondering if it's a new version of the hub that just isn't supported anymore

The good news is that you still have it on smartthings. There is a ported app that was modified that works great, but it requires the keys from the smartthings authentication to work. Once you get those you can set it up and configure it. I've been using it for a year with no issues. If I ever have to wipe my install I'm screwed though. :frowning:

The bad news is I can't remember the link to the source. But I'm sure with some search on the forums you can find it. There were a few floating around.

I've got it installed and everything with the old hub. I even figured it out a second time this morning after not doing it for several months. The issue is I can't add the new hub. Theoretically all that should happen is log out and log back in and it should see the new hub but that hasn't happened yet.

How many Harmony Hubs do you have? It is not clear from your posts if this is the first Harmony Hub you are adding to Hubitat? Or, is this a second Harmony Hub? I think my confusion stems from the use of the word 'hub' so many times throughout these posts! :wink:

I have two Harmony Hubs active on my home network (BTW - no issues whatsoever with my Asus Router), but I only have added one of them to my Hubitat Hub. So, I am curious if the problem is with adding a second one? Do you know if ST supports multiple Harmony Hubs?

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reply. I have had 1 harmony hub connected and I just got the second harmony hub yesterday. So I'm trying to add the second one.

I have an Asus 3100. I've seen several posts of people having issues with the harmony hub. The problem is the initial set up. I had to set up an old netgear router with the same credentials as my Asus then switch routers to get it to connect.

After some more playing this afternoon I was able to add the second hub to smartthings so now I'm trying to get it to work in hubitat. I forgot that you had to add Smartthings as a device in the harmony app. Once I did that I was able to add it to smartthings.

How are you connecting your harmony to hubitat?

Got it!!!!
Once I got the hub added to Smartthings, I had to get the new Harmony Token. Put that in and BOOM All set!!!

Thanks all for the responses

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Thank you for the clarification. Now I understand your frustration. Sorry to hear about the Asus 3100 giving you grief. I am using an Asus RT-AC86U as my main router, with a Cat5-connected Asus RT-AC66U as an Access Point on the other side of the house. I am running AsusWRT-Merlin firmware on both devices.

I am using the ported SmartThings App and Drivers found in the following post. I just haven't had a need to try adding my second Harmony Hub to Hubitat yet. I just love the Harmony Hub's performance as a remote control for an extra room in the house.

EDIT: Glad to hear you figured it out!

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