Logitech Circle2 plus Lutron Caseta virtual buttons?

I have several Logitech Circle2 cameras, and I have Lutron Caseta (about 120 switches on 2 hubs). I can use Apple HomeKit to turn on/off lights based on motion on the Cameras. However I really would rather have my Hubitat control these functions (plus I can integrate into other things like voice announcements, etc). I know Circle2 does not integrate into Hubitat... however I’m wondering - in my Caseta hubs, there are virtual buttons (I believe that is what they are called)... is there a way I can use them? When Circle2 camera sees motion, push a virtual Lutron Caseta button which Hubitat can then act upon?

I have searched the forum and experimented on my Hubitat, but I’m really not sure what I’m looking for (lutron virtual buttons?). Is this possible, and can someone point me in the right direction? I appreciate it!

I haven’t used them extensively, but I believe the caseta virtual buttons are basically a method for activating a scene that you created in the caseta app.

So your hubitat hub can activate a caseta scene by pushing one of these buttons on a dashboard or in an automation, but I don’t think it can do what you’re suggesting.

Tagging @bravenel since he’s the Lutron guru for hubitat.

These virtual buttons, or "phantom" buttons as Lutron calls them, can be used in Hubitat. You include your SmartBridge PRO (or for RA2, the main repeater) as a keypad device in the Lutron Integration app. It always has an integration id of 1 on the Lutron side. It has 100 buttons. Using the Caséta app you can create scenes that are assigned to these buttons. If Circle2 can push one of those buttons, then Hubitat can see that and act on it as it would for any other button press event. I think you may be able to create a scene in the Lutron app that basically doesn't do anything, maybe by creating one first that does something and then editing it. You'd have to play around with it to see.

I have a RA2 system, and I make extensive use of the scenes I can create in the Lutron system, to be activated by apps in Hubitat that press the correct button of the keypad device.


Thank you for your response - I have been wondering how to use those virtual (phantom) buttons but could not figure out how to enter them in the Caseta app in Hubitat. Adding the Hub as a Keypad is the key step I was missing. I confirmed I could make scenes in Lutron app and make it work in Hubitat. Very cool - thanks!

On to my goal... making the Logitech Circle 2 security camera work with my Hubitat. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to use the HomeKit app turn on a Lutron Scene... so that strategy is a no-go. However, I did come up with another plan - I will purchase a Lutron Caseta Lamp Module (dimmer). I will plug that dimmer in to a hidden outlet somewhere in the house... and when the Circle 2 camera sees activity - I will have HomeKit turn on the dimmer to a specified level - and Hubitat will be able to see that action occur and then act appropriately! After it’s action is completed - I will reset it to 0 so it’s ready for the next action. I believe this is a very simple workaround. Thanks for your help!

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