Logging who opens door with code

I have a code lock on a door thats used by several people each with their own code. Whats best way to log who unlocks door and at what time?

Use a rule in Rule Machine where the trigger is Lock Code, and select Any Code. The action would be

Log 'lock unlocked by %value%'

The log will have the time, or you could explicitly add it with %time%. This usage makes sense if you send a notification that doesn't automatically carry the time.

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this brought up a question.. any reason why we have to write a separate rule for each lock as the selection for these devices is not multi..

it would be nice to be able to pick all and have the notification be
%device% - %value% in a single rule

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It has to get the list of codes to offer for the trigger in the pull down from a lock. But you could have multiple trigger events, one for each lock.

Then this would work.

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So I'm my case where I may be adding and deleting codes frequently this won't be very user friendly as I would have to change it every time I add or remove a user.

You will not have to change the rule described by @bravenel when users/codes are added/deleted.

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I'm using the Notifications app for this:

ya i guess but i remember that multiple rules were more efficient than one larger rule.. or maybe it doesnt matter.. i have 4 one for each lock.

mine are different not looking for a specific code so dont think i can use that app.

That's irrelevant with respect to multiple triggers as described above.

ok will switch to one rule with multiple triggers than.. thanks

i assume i cannot use multiple door triggers left open in notification app with 20 minute delay as if one of the other doors is closed and one is still left open it will cancel the delay?

ie is there a way to combine multiple of these into one rule, maybe using a group etc.


Ya I'm using an app that you can find in package manager called Device Groups and I use it on my door triggers as well. Works like a charm. The only down side is the notification of what door is open will not be specific to the door it will just tell you that the "Door Contacts" are open or what ever you named the group. I use it to turn Eco mode on and off on my AC unit.

ya no good for me.. i need to know which door was left open.. guess i will continue with separate rules

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