Logging change.. toggle for display current values ...not working after 2.2.6 until you edit/refresh rule

the logs used to show the current value of a attribute being checked and the truth value T or F

that all now seems to be missing after updating to 2.2.6 .. it was very usefull at times..

Is this change by design or a bug.



This is dependent on the value of the "Display current values" setting in your rule:

Turn it on, and you'll see true/false evaluations in the logs just like you do in the editor; turn it off, and you won't. It appears to be on by default, at least in new rules; I'm not sure how it handles rules that were created before this setting existed (I think it's new in 2.2.6, or at least I can't remember if it's been here since the beginning of Rule 4.1 or not).

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thanks will do

it is turned on.. must be a bug after update..

will try toggling off and back on.

ya definately a bug..

any rule you already had that was showing the values.. has the toggle on after update..

but it doesn't work..

you have to update the rule or toggle off and back on.

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