Log in to Hub remotely

Is there a way for me to log in to my hub when I’m not at home?

I don’t have a VPN.

You seem to know you need one.. why not pursue that?

OpenVPN is often available on your ISP router to enable. Then it's pretty simple to add a client. My VPN fires up in under 2 seconds.

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You probably need to setup 2 things:

  1. A dynamic DNS, in case you don't have a dedicated IP address.
  2. Setup your router to forward ports, (open the firewall), to your Hubitat.

I still don't advise this because it means if you can access, other people will also be able to detect your device. You normally don't want to allow devices inside your home to be exposed on the Internet, unless you setup a local VPN.

I use TeamViewer. Very little to setup.

Agreed the potential upside probably isn’t worth the risk

I couldn't agree more. I block many systems from accessing the internet, including HE. I use a Linux box for my f/w and installed OpenVPN on it which my phone connects to. This way I have phone access to everything in my local network and don't have to worry about commercial routers which are notorious for having bugs, not in the VPM per se, but more globally which likely would compromise the VPN as well. This is not to say my setup can't have bugs and/or be compromised (the only time any device is completely secure is when it is powered off and disconnected!) but it's much less likely IMO.

Do you need to 'access' your hub or just the dashboards?



There are tons of people on Reddit to this day that say "but you cannot access Hubitat away from home!". This is some stupid rumor that will not die. I cannot tell you how many times I have read it over there.

They don't understand the difference between remote access vs remote adminstration.


chrome remote desktop, supports 2FA

I'm with @neonturbo and @mark.cockcroft on this one. In some instances one might need remote administration, in which case VPN, or remote desktop is the answer.

99.9% of the time you should be able to do what you need when away via dashboards.


I can access the dashboards without issue. Meant more on the admin side. Not critical, but if I think of a way to fix a rule or check a log or something and I'm away from home, I can't do that.

Certainly it is way more important that I can access dashboards, and glad I can do that!

Agree! Remote access of dashboards is critical!

Whereas remote admin would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

I may have to look into this for those occasions where I need admin access. Thanks!

Leave you pc on at home and use Google remote desktop

But isn't that what your router is.. an always on computer? And OpenVPN is just a more specific, lower bandwidth app? (Remote Desktop has to transfer all desktop, background pixels, in color, vs just having the Hub UI's html traffic into a Browser on your remote client?)

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+1 on the openvpn, you won't regret it off you go this route

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Use Teamviewer. It is free and it is perfect. Runs nicely on a Pi 3b or a tablet you can leave running in the house.

If you are going to run a rPi you may as well just use piVPN. I use this with wire guard and only had to scan a QR code to get get working on my phone.