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Hi All,

Yesterday was Day 0 with the HE, and I installed my SONOS system. This morning I ended up resetting it (soft reset). I have not added back my SONOS system, but did finally start adding ZWave.

One of these devices is doing something fishy, so I turned on logging.

Well, my Log page is totally empty. When I go to "Past Logs" it's showing recent entries... but with my SONOS devices listed... which aren't even configured devices anymore.

Do I need to flush out my logs? Why would the current log be empty?


Current log builds real time. It will always be blank when you first select it. Past is anything prior to now.

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AHA! Thanks.

However, the names in the past log are still messed up... Is there a way to purge it?

It will purge itself, over time.