Log from another subnet

I was wondering if it is too difficult to implement in HE the access to the Log from any logged device.
Let me explain:

  • I use three subnet at home, normal stuff subnet, Iot subnet, guests subnet. HE and other devices are is in normal stuffs subnet.
  • I have to be on Guest subnet almost all the time because some softwares need broadcast and only work on the same network.
    -HE Log can be accessed from another subnet but the alive log do not work from there, only Past Logs can be shown.

One day my wife face one issue with the system so she called me to fix it but even when I could get connected to HE from outside my home (wifi intranet using guests subnet) to solve the issue was hard because the Log wasn't working.

So summarizing...it will be very handy to get the alive Log from the device I get connected to HE.

Is that possible in future release?