Log entries striked out, app not executing

What does it mean when my log entries of an app that should run are in striked out text and the app isn't executing? If I cut and paste the log text it doesn't show up, but I hope this image paste works...


When the enclosing condition (IF, in this case) is false, the strikeout is used in the logs to indicate the lines that were not executed/evaluated.

That must be new, I just saw it today. Thanks. It turns out my problem is with my Total Comfort API driver, it reported "Emergency Heat" instead of "Heat" for the mode and my app stopped working. The thermostat itself doesn't have an emergency heat mode setting that I know of.

Yes. It was added in 2.2.4

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That is new, and really really adds to the readability of conditionals in the log. :smiley:


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