Lock Manager help

I installed a Yale deadbolt (YRD256 zigbee) over the weekend and was setting things up in Lock Manager and encountered some strange behavior I was hoping to get some help/feedback on.

When adding a code/user, I don't consistently get the "user option" selection after selecting the lock. And in some cases, changing the user option (when everything worked) to be scheduled for a later date would result in not seeing that user in the list until the date/time trigger. I tried removing LM and re-adding it a few times as well as clicking configure again on my lock but I could never get the UI to work reliably. Am I doing something wrong or are others seeing this too?

Also curious, there's a section to increase logging/reporting verbosity (i can't recall the label) but I couldn't figure out exactly what that changed - is it logging for LM itself or for the usage reporting?

Some similar reports exist here and here