Lock Manager - Confirmation before removing a user

While there are confirmation prompts for all kinds of other things, when you're working in the Lock Manager, there are ZERO confirmation on the "Delete this code from everything everywhere".

It's particularly bad because you have to click "out" of the box to get the list to be processed--and that's often near the "Delete everything everywhere" button.

Please add a "Do you really want to delete this person" prompt. :slight_smile:


Ya that but me this week too. Seconded.

To note the impact: There are several opportunities to accidentally click the "delete it all"--at least one of which is in the same exact spot as the "Update codes" that replaces it.

I spent an hour or two recovering tonight. I had to take the shut the hub down and take it out of its normal home to get it near most of my outside door locks using extension cords and a 50' eithernet cable. Largely because the codes were "stuck" in failed mode in the Lock Manager (it doesn't fully delete the request even when you say remove failed jobs). So, I had to add & delete the code I messed up several times to get it all back to normal.

So, this does seem to be very worthy of a "are you sure" prompt. :slight_smile: