Lock Door after X minutes of being closed (after certain time)

Okay, this is a rule that I could never get to work in Webcore, or anything else, and I'm curious if anyone has any ideas.

I have a garage door lock, and a contact sensor on the door.

I'd like to have the door lock after being closed for 10 minutes, but only after 8pm. The issue I always had with Webcore is I couldn't get the timer to start no matter what time it was. So here's my examples:

Door closed for 30 mins, time is 5pm. Don't lock.
Door closed for 5 minutes, time is 8:05pm, Lock in 5 minutes (assuming door doesn't open between now and 8:10).
Door closed for 10 minutes, time is 8:00:01pm, Lock the door.

Does that make sense? Is this possible?

I might have just found it creating another rule.

Trigger: Door sensor is closed.
Action: Delay 10 minutes.
Restrictions: Only between these times.

Now, I don't know if this means the 10 minute counter will ALWAYS run, or wether it'll just run after 8pm. =/

Here is what I use 24/7.

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You want to set your rule like this it sounds like, you just have to pick a stop time you don't want the rule to apply as where I put "6:00 AM"

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So, one question. That rule doesn't specify "door lock is unlocked". Any reason?

You could also add that in the "conditions" setting as well, and would probably be better. As that I believe would answer your previous question as to insure that it's not ALWAYS firing, just firing only when those conditions are true.

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