Lock Code Manager

Having an issue with Lock Code Manager on my Schlage BE469 locks this morning. Went to add a new user and my locks were unresponsive on the hub and my jobs said failed. I did a power off of the hub and power on and the locks started to respond to commands for locking and unlocking. However jobs failed again through lock manager. Looking at the logs I saw it believed the code was already in use and couldn’t add it. The code worked on the door but had a user of “unknown”. So I deleted it off the door manually and tried lock code manager again but any job is now failing. So frustrating. Any known way to resolve this? And unpairing and repairing the lock is not an option.

(1) which BE469? BE469NX (the Z-Wave non-Plus) or BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus)?

(2) what Hubitat platform firmware version?

(3) have you tried rebooting the lock by disconnecting the batteries and then reconnecting them? That usually fixed my issues.

If push came to shove, I might try deleting Lock Code Manager, deleting the codes on the lock using the lock keypad (make sure that you don't lock yourself outside - keep the door open while working with the deadbolt), adding Lock Code Manager back, then creating new users in LCM, add the codes back from LCM. I did that a long time ago with my BE469NX before I changed the electronics modules on both locks to BE469ZP.

Now, there's an oddity (feature) with the Schlage BE469 whereby you can't have a 4-digit lock code that matches the first 4 digits of the Programming Code. If you want a 4-digit User Code that matches the first 4 digits of the Programming Code, you have to change the Programming Code. Better write that down on a sticker behind the lock plate if you do.

I have the BE469NX (2 of them literally right next to each other, within 10 feet of my hub with a Aeotec Gen7 repeater 6 inches from the hub.

C7 on .156

Yes I’ve tried rebooting the lock and powering off the hub and powering back up. No encryption on the lock codes and the lock initially responds to lock and unlock from the device in hubitat. But can’t push any new codes to it. Codes are 6 digit in length and nothing that has the same digit combo as the maintenance code.

Looks like you are trying all the right things. I’ve never used anything except 4 digit codes on my C-7 and BE469ZP (and, before that, BE469NX on C-5), but I have to assume that LCM and the lock do work with 6-digit codes, and that the existing codes on your lock work.

Now, there is a new update ( but I don’t see anything in the release notes that would affect your issue.

Only suggestion I have is that LCM may somehow have become corrupted, in which case my suggestion above to delete LCM, manually delete all codes on the lock, then add back LCM and add users and codes anew.

I’ve only tried 4-digit codes on my lock, and it’s worked for me; I always did the dance of manually deleting the factory default codes after factory reset, and then adding codes via LCM, but, from what you have described, I’m not sure a factory default reset would change everything except make more work for you.

Because of the requirement that all user codes must be the same length, perhaps LCM thinks your lock codes are something other than 6 digits, and the add code is being refused by the lock because of code length mismatch. Deleting then adding LCM would make sure that’s correct and not corrupted.

You might also try, if you go that route, just setting code length to 4 on the lock and try adding a few dummy users, just to confirm it works on 4-digit codes, then restore code length to 6 digits. The documentation indicates that all user codes are deleted when code length is changed.