Lock Code Manager

I've not had a chance to play with lock code manager much. All i have done so far with locks is have an automated command to lock my locks at a certain time every night. Works great so i didn't really need lock code manager but now i'm thinking i might have to dive into it.

A friend of mine was telling me about this great device ( haha.... a lock box...like a realtor uses) where you can remotely open it to allow someone access to a key to open their door......of course i quickly described the option to unlock and lock doors from the Hubitat dashboard and not have to worry about a key and lock box at all.

If a person sets up a second door code ( say for visitors) is it possible to enable and disable that from a dashboard? I was thinking something like rule manager where you create a virtual switch. if switch is on - the 2nd code is enabled. If the VS is off..then the code is disabled.

The application i'm thinking about would allow a person who is not in the home to program, enable or disable a code form the local network. ( this is a 2nd home application...or maybe it could be a vacation property )...meaning they won't be there to program habitat and what ever they do to enable / disable has to be done remotely.

Im sure there is probably some that already exists....i just haven't played in lock code manager yet to know.

Appreciate any thoughts.

Hi Mac,

There are ways to do that. Most people set up a vpn to their property. Connected to that, you could program lock codes, enable/disable codes. Sometimes that is a bit cumbersome, but very doable. Lock Code manager is a very good application, but you'll want to make sure that you add your codes only through that. If you have codes added via the lock and lcm doesn't see them, then delete and add through lcm. You would not be able to enable a lock code with a virtual switch, but you are able to simply unlock and lock a door through the dashboard. Hope this helps!

Appreciate it.
i dont think i'd recommend a VPN option for this guy. Not his interest or competence....nor mine.
Maybe the combination of the dashboard and a guest Pin might be the way to proceed.
I haven't tried to set it up but i would imagine that you can set up a notification when a "guest " pin code is used - yes?
if nothing else if he gives out his guest code then he can get a notification if used.
Does Lock Code manager offer that?

Perhaps the developers might consider some the of enable / disable of a code from a dashboard in the future.


Yes via rule machine. Or notifications app. that would be a tough deal to accomplish and still keep everything local. And secure.

So the lock manager doesn't have any built-in notification capabilities? I haven't used it yet, Just barely started migrating from ST to HE.

Is that standard practice on the HE platform, apps only do actions/activities, and you need to use the Notifications app for any notifications related to them? Still learning the lay of the land here.

There are several ways to receive notifications through hubitat. I, personally, use pushover tied to rule machine and set it up as a rule. BUT, the notifications app hadn't been created when I set things up. You would need the HE app on your phone to receive the notifications through the notifications app and they work well. If you purchase the pushover service ($4 for lifetime) that is also reliable. It really just depends on how you want to configure your system. What you prefer and what works for you and your family. Either way, you'd need the app on your phone. HE or Pushover both require the app to be on the phone.


I use Lock Manager to create and edit lock codes on my Schlage Z-Wave lock, and the Notifications App to send me Pushover notices whenever someone unlocks the door. I get the name of the person associated with the lock code in the Pushover message. Works great for me!

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Thanks, so it sounds like the main thing is that regardless of the notification option I use the notifications app or the pushover service that I'm going to need to have the habitat mobile app on any phones where I want to get those notifications...

Is there a notification option that uses SMS?

You don't need the Hubitat mobile app on your phone to receive Pushover notifications. What you will need, is the Pushover app installed on your phone or tablet to get those notifications.