Lock Code Manager will not accept a code?

My front door seems to have an issue, its a Kwikset lock, (I think 955 Zwave)

The code I am trying to send, somehow was already in the lock, from the Lock code mgr before, but does not show in the "lockCodes"

The code works, but because it's not in the list, it can not be set to trigger any notifications or anything else. Any idea how to get this to work. I know someone is going to tell me to reset the lock to factroy, but I am trying to avoid that since I will be out of town and my parents will be comeing by so i dont want to mess anything else up (They can use the app I suppose, but you know Parents! )

is the code the master code?, also does that code show in the current states of the device details?

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It was not a master code.. to be honest, I do not know if there is one?

Funny fact, for some reason it showed up the code #5 as "Code" after i did a get codes again.. then I was able to delete it, then add it back as Parent. weird.. it seems to work.. it has been a day .

thank you