Lock Code Manager unable to add user

I been using Lock Code Manager for a while with two Schlage locks and 3 users/codes
I had to replace one of the locks recently and was able to configure it and add the users without too many issues
I'm trying to add a fourth user/code to the locks now
I tried to add a user, select a code for him and select both of my locks.
When I press done I get no errors, but the users is not added and in the logs I don't see anything sent to the locks
I also tried just to add the user without selecting the locks and the result was the same
The code I'm using is the same length as my other codes

Any idea what could be the problem ?

I partially solved the problem
I was able to add the user by selecting one lock at the time
So if I select both locks when I add the user nothing happens, but if I select just one lick it adds the user

However I still have an issue
I was able to add the user to one of the locks without any error
The second lock just keeps failing and in the log it shows something like this:
2021-11-01 15:40:31.805 debugprocessJobs- try job:[61_4:[code:111111, name:XXXXXX, codeState:pe, retry:0]]

Both lock are Z-Wave Plus and both of them have Z-Wave Plus light switches just next to them , so connectivity should not be an issue

Any ideas ?

I am not sure what that error means, but is it possible you already have codes in all the slots?

I tried to run delete code from this slot. There is an option under lock device to delete code in specific slot

I noticed the same thing. I didn’t have the issue that you saw with the second lock, though. As long as I only did one lock at a time, it went fine.