Lock Code Manager - enable/disable causing user to disappear


I've done some reading around on Lock Code Manager (LCM) and I've not found the issue I'm having. LCM work very well with my Yale lock and I can add user, delete those without issue. The problem is when I put a starting date/hour and ending date/hour. I did multiple test around this and as soon as the starting hour is reached, I won't see any log in the lock itself or for the LCM but the user just disappear from the "existing users" list in LCM. So, I have no idea what is happening which make it difficult to start diagnosing the issue.

Is it a known problem?

Is there a way to get more logs or is there a place that I can look outside of the "Past logs" and then going to the device or LCM apps? I'm seeing debug code in the device and I see when I'm adding a user or deleting one without a schedule. It's just when using the enable/disable on specific date/hour that the issue occur and for which no logs are showing at all.

Any assistance would be appreciated as it's a feature I would really like to use.

Thank you.


The user code should be added to the lock on the enable date time and or removed from the lock at the disable data time, you should be able to see this in the locks Events in the driver details.


That's what I'm expecting, yes. But instead of doing that, it just delete the user from the "users list". I would like to know how to get more logs or where to look. Right now, in the appliance logs, I have this below while I was supposed to have a user being enabled around 9h AM.

dev:62023-07-19 10:01:53.686debugsetCode(3, 2782, John-19-juillet)

dev:62023-07-19 03:58:29.910infoEntree battery is 90%

And this below is from the LCM logs:

app:172023-07-19 10:01:53.588infojobs:1

app:172023-07-16 11:40:54.893infouseHandler- usage event:Marie on Entree

So, LCM is not logging anything and the device probably never got any command. I've did a few try and it's always the same result. The user disappear and nothing is enabled on the lock itself.

Thank you for any hint or instructions on what I should do to get more details about what is going on.


Mike is asking you to look here on the Device page for your lock:

Click on Events on the lock Device page:
2023-07-19 15_04_13-Hubs, Network, & Tech

Provide a screen cap of what's shown on the device Events page:

Sorry, missed that part. But event is showing the same as logs:

Nothing between 4h AM and 10h AM. But looking at LCM at about 10h AM, the user was just not showing in the users list anymore.

At 10h, the event that is starting is when I recreated the user but without any schedule which worked as expected.


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I just tried this out, and had the same results as @ehfortin - at the appointed time for the code to become active (5pm in my test) the timed user was deleted.

I created the new timed user:

2023-07-19 16_24_40-Hubs, Network, & Tech

Now when I look at users/codes after 5pm, the timed user has been deleted. I don't want to post pics w/my family listed so I'll PM a few more screen shots to you, as well as logs from 5pm on (debug logging on).

But headline is same result - new timed user gets removed when it hits the time when it is supposed to be enabled.



Tested also the option of enabling on a specific date/time without and end and it make the user disappear as well. I'm now working the option of disabling on a specific date/time. It added the user correctly and I'm awaiting for it to disable in less than 40 minutes. I'll report on this last test once it is completed.

Is this a feature that has chance to be fixed in the next update?

Thank you.


As wrote, I've done the disabling test. From LCM, the user is disabled. But it is still active on the lock itself. So, in short, when enabling based on day/time, user disappear from the users list in LCM and when disabling, it does it at the LCM level but nothing is done on the lock. There is no trace of LCM even trying. My disabling was for 15h and there is no operation since 14h21 either on the lock or LCM logs.

Was hoping to have at least one of the two working. At least, the disabling is not removing the users from the users list in LCM. It just don't do the task on the lock itself.

If you have any question or if I can help in any way, please let me know.

Thank you.


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