Lock code manager - bug with IOS?

So I’m connected to my local LAN accessing my hub from my iPhone XS Max. Latest IOS with Safari. Accessing lock code manage to add a new code. When I click on add new user, I input the users name, pin, and select the lock. When I click done the screen flashes something very quickly in the bottom part of the screen and then goes back to the first lock code screen but the user is never added.

When I go out of the app and back in again I get an “unexpected error” message and the logs are empty, including the past logs. I can only reboot the hub to get back into the lock code manager.

And now even with rebooting the hub I am still getting the unexpected error when trying to launch the app.

Check that you are accessing the Hubitat UI over good old http, and not https. Tap on the URL in Safari and edit it to take out the 's' if its there. Its been shown that iOS devices don't play well with self-signed certificates.

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Seems that was it