Locative for presence sensing

Correct! The main thing that I need it for, its core functionality is working beautifully. I do like locative notifications, and you are correct… That’s where I’m getting the error.

Notifications tab within the Locative app requires an upgraded subscription which I don’t have, But this is the main screen under notifications…

I am just using the free version as well. I just wanted to see if your notifications tab shows the errors.

One difference is your is showing No Response and mine is showing 200

Of course you can not click on anything on this page without the Locative Pro window popping up, but possibly we should now go back and look at the maker API setup.

Give me a sec.

It's not like there is a lot to configure in makerAPI.

I do have Allow control of modes and Allow control of HSM both disabled, but that should not be doing anything.

I just enabled debugging today but logging looks as expected.

You have not changed any of the options on this page since posting your screenshot a few posts up?

Yes, I like the notifications as well, but I have HE send a Pushover acknowledgement instead and I don't want to receive notifications from both apps for the same event.

I wonder what the 200 means in my notification ...

Can you also confirm that you app setup looks like this.

NO! My URL’s are set to POST and yours are set to GET. Are my settings wrong? I’m on my phone right now, and reading past messages are difficult… But I thought I recalled seeing that I should have them sent to POST

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Nope. They need to be GETs !!

That is the first thing in @ogiewon post.

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@steve.maddigan , apologies again for delay while away on business. I changed the Locative settings (webhooks) to GET, and still getting Locative error notifications every time I enter or leave the geofence- but the errors are different now. So strange

Not sure that is an error any longer. Looks like it may be the reply response from the Maker API GET call.

In the Locative app on you phone, check the settings to see if you have Debug Notifications enabled. If so, turn it off and try again.

No, debug is off

Well, if you take one of the URLs from your Locative app, and then paste it in your browser address bar and click enter, do you get the same text returned?

I personally do not use Lovative’s built-in notifications. Instead, I have Hubitat send me a notification whenever anyone’s presence sensor changes state.

Actually, if I paste one of the URLs into browser, I get an error "missing authentication token"... BUT, you're right... this isn't worth spending more time on because the arrivals/departures are working - I should notify in a better way anyway, than Locative's notifications. I'll just turn them off and forget about this. THANK YOU and @steve.maddigan so incredibly much for your help!! On to my next project, linking ST to HE. I'm on that community page trying to find info about Hub Link, as it's supposed to be a Built-In app but I don't have it showing up.

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That is a real error, indicating that a portion of the URL is missing. My guess is that the copy only grabbed part of the URL before you pasted it into your browser.

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Yeah, I just send a notification from HE (I use pushover) when the rule triggers.

Edit. Actually I send a notification from my lock controller RM when it acknowledges that I am truly home or away. That really all that matters to me.

Yep, the whole url hadn’t copied (MAN, you’re good!!). When I pasted whole thing, I got same error as Locative’s notifications

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SmartThings is eliminating their Groovy platform altogether very soon. I would not waste any more time trying to get the old Hub Link code working. It was developed back in early 2018 to help original ST users migrate. But it has received zero updates for a very long time. "Hub Connect" is/was a community solution, but again it depends on the old ST Groovy platform. Also, its original developer has left the Hubitat community.

Is this an error or just the typical acknowledgment string?

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Great! Just to be clear, this is not an 'error'. It is simply a proper response from the Hubitat Maker API app to let the calling system know what the current value is now.

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Unsure in browser but Locative app calls it an error

I get the same thing.

I think locative is calling it an error bc it doesn’t know how to parse it.

Side note: there is a thread on here somewhere discussing how to parse the response but I didn’t go that deep with it. I prefer the ack from RM when the action is carried out.

Ugh. I’ve got a few things that can’t be done in HE. My Somfy blinds & curtains can’t be done because the drivers were written for MyLink and/or TaHoma Switch. I have TaHoma HUB, which is the upgrade from MyLink. And TaHoma SWITCH driver requires API access, which Somfy doesn’t grant in the U.S.