Location Services repeated notifications

How to stop getting notification that the "location services are off" repeatedly without enabling it while using the app? Frankly, I do not need it and would not like to share location information. When using the app the notifications follow like a persistent salesman and it gets annoying. Please help.

I assume that you are getting this message from the Hubitat app on your phone? Are you using iOS or Android?

Yes, on the phone and using IOS.

Have you tried going to Settings -> Presence -> Enable GeoFence -> Off ?

That option is already off.

That’s odd…

@moncho1138, any ideas - is that expected behaviour for iOS to keep prompting for notification services for the app?

If the permission is set to use only when using the app (on the phone settings) it will persist that way.

If the permission is set to never on the phone and the geofence is disabled on the app, then we may have a bug.

Some screen shots of the notification being shown can help.

Permission is set to never on the phone.

This time I tried to see more closely when the notifications are showing.

  1. First one wakes me up when I open the app. Need to turn down the volume I guess.

  1. Then if I go to settings I get another one.

  2. From settings to tools I get third one.

  3. Then from this point on this pattern repeats. Settings and tools will give this notification every time I click on it back and forth.

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OK it seems the issue is on the debugging alerts, if you turn off the Debugging toggle you shouldn't see those alerts.