Location and iOS - Need to open app periodically

This is a minor thing, but slightly annoying. I use the location of my phone to change the HSM mode (turn off the alarm). The geofencing on my phone works great for this. But I have noticed that if I don't open the app for a couple of weeks it will stop working until I open it again.

I almost never need to use the app, but do I need to open it more often? Is there any sort of rule around "you need to open the app once a week?" Or something like that?

I think this has more to do with what the device is doing with the app in the background than the app it's self.

I've noticed this as well, it seems anytime an update for the app gets installed it stops sending GPS info until you open the app and click OK to the notice about recent changes.

Installing an update to the app likely has to close the background process to update the files. Try using combined presence app in hubitat and run life360 so you have multiple ways to trigger incase one app doesn't work.