Local WebCoRE on raspberry pi

Hi Guys-

I could have sworn I saw a post recently on how to setup your own local webcore dashboard on a Raspberry pi, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Does anybody know anything about this? Thx.

Yeah it’s on Patched webCoRE for Hubitat (2018/04/10) page.

I’ve done this and it works great.

Great thx. I don’t intend to run it on a Raspberry pi, I have an old mac-mini in the basement that I can run it on. I thought about upgrading that box recently, but it turns out that, while it’s 7 years old, it is still the “most powerful” mac-mini in the lineup. Apple, you’re pathetic.

Anyway, I was going to throw non-apple Apache on there with brew and see if I could get the dashboard up. Barring that, I can run it on a nano instance in my aws account. That would cost $4.75/mo.

The latter is interesting to me in that I have a friend who does a lot of home automation work. With the exception of a few fabulously wealthy outliers, this mostly entails setting up fancy ir blaster remotes for upper-middle class retirees and answering the phone when they break. But for those interested in more automation, the idea of running a single dashboard instance and perhaps sharing a library of pistons across multiple clients is appealing.

Does anybody know the state of integration between control 4 and savant and ST &/or hubitat?

once my hub arrives I may have to ask you how you set it up, as im abit stuck on it right now.

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Yeah. Fairly easy to setup and it appears to work, though I couldn’t get it going with SSL. Would be nice to have SSL on both the hubitat and the webcore dashboard. Someday…

Hey one other quick question here. In my local webcore dashboard, I see the location modes that existed on the hubitat at the time I created my webcore app instance, but i’m not seeing how to make webcore pickup newly create location modes. Any ideas?

Sorry, slightly off topic but I’m curious if there are any advantages to running WebCore on RPi over using HE’s Rules Machine? I can see an interest if you have 100s of Pistons already created but if you are just starting home automation, should I just start in Rules Machine?

You’ll receive support and assistance from the Hubitat Team when using Rule Machine. If you’re not a big webCoRE user already, I think using RM is the better/simpler choice. Just my opinion.

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I was using HE WebCoRE for a while and as I got new firmware updates to HE I noticed things were starting to slow down alot. I moved everything over to RM and my performance greatly improved. Others are having no issues with WebCoRE on HE as far as performance goes, so I suspect it was something else I was running in combination with WebCoRE maybe.

Anywho… You can probably do more complex automation with WebCoRE, but RM will get support from the HE staff. Not to mention WebCoRE is still being ported over to HE as issues are found.


I'm having the same problem.

Bump bump Anyone?

Are you seeing issues of slow performance across the board (with webCoRE installed)? Or, just performance of webCoRE pistons. IOW, does merely having some webCoRE pistons slow everything down?

Difficult to say since I don't like the RuleEngine at all since I'm so accustomed to webCoRE.

The webcore UI much much faster than the original cloud version.

The UI in Hubitat is as normal, if you ask me. I haven't thought one second about the UI being slow (especially since I come from ST where everything in the app is slow).

Though, I haven't started loading the webcore up with many of my difficult/large pistons yet.

Imagine for a moment that some corner of WebCoRE is not completely debugged and that some rules occasionally run into that corner. Rules that hit those bugs will have a performance issue, everyone else won’t. WebCoRE Is complex and probably still has SmartThings “optimizations” that aren’t ideal for Hubitat with it’s dedicated 4 core processor.

RuleMachine has a significant advantage in performance and has a different take on how to present Rules to late adopters. All my WebCoRE rules transferred to RM and run well. I found the biggest hurdle to be “one container”... that WebCoRE made my rules look neater when I needed 3 or 4 rules. In WebCoRE I didn’t see them as individual rules, but under the hood I can see how they were. Don’t get me wrong, my mind matches WebCoRE’s UI much better than RM’s. But I’m struck by the truth of: I haven’t found an automation I couldn’t program in RM... yet.

You're probably right. It's perhaps self-deceptive to think complex webCoRE pistons are internally more elegant than multiple RM rules. One thing that would help, even if only from a visual perspective, is if RM allowed organization of rules into groups or folders.


There seem to be so many more capabilities (e.g. Switch/Case, Variables, Device lists) that make for easy programming I don't know how to match in RM. Off the top of my head: Condition A has Changed in the Last n Minutes. I guess you could do that in RM by having a separate rule that set a Boolean over the period of time and but the number of these needed in a rule could be staggering.

I thought I was done with Rules when I was using SmartThings back in December - February. I had pretty much automated all I wanted and wasn't adding new devices as much as I was swapping old for new (ZWave Plus.)

Along comes Hubitat and I am back into "oh hey, I can do..." and along comes a new rule. I now have enough that I'm seeing ways of reusing. An overly simple example is having a rule trigger every 20 mins. That Rule Truth then causes several other rules to run. Rules that can also be tied to Pico buttons, etc. The every 20 rule is just another event.. it really doesn't do anything on it's own. A more realistic one is a Rule that tracks the Garage door and simply sets its boolean. Then the Rules that capture a device's state and change the device + restore the device become modularized (objects in 2000's speak).

But again, the "missing element" is some sort of organization of related rules. I'm almost at the point of adding a "code" to the front of each rule name so they sort better. :slight_smile:

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