Local outside air temp dashboard tile

Looking for instructions to create a local outside temp only dashboard tile. I have a openweathermap API key that I got nowhere with. Even if I did, that is too much data. I'm just looking for the local outside air temp.
Thanks for any help

I use an Aeotec Multi 6 fitted under the eaves of my house. Reports light levels, motion and temperature. Works fine.

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Under "Pick A Device" choose "Weather" and "Pick A Template" choose "Temperature".


if your going to actually buy a sensor for this may as well get the hue outdoor motion/temp which is rated for outdoor use.

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What did you use to create your weather device?

Choose the OpenWeatherMap Device and then Temperature as the template...

Then click add Tile, voila...

Ok, I created a virtual device, selected OpenWeatherMap as the type, pasted in my OpenWeatherMap API where asked, set polling interval to 5 min, added my zip code and saved. Then I added this new virtual device to a dashboard tile with temperature as a template. Three hours later the dashboard tile displays "unknown". What did I miss?

Can you confirm that OpenWeather data is being displayed under CURRENT STATES on the OpenWeather device, like;

Mine is blank.

Well, thanks for your thoughts, but as far as Iโ€™m aware, you canโ€™t add the Hue sensor directly to ST.

You may be interested to look at Hubigraphs, there is a Weather Tile now that integrates with OpenWeatherMap and if/when you buy any device(s) to capture the outside weather you can use those as well.

Personally I have purchased an EcoWitt personal weather station that can give me a number of different readings. There is also a community-based integration so you can bring the readings into HE and report then generally on a dashboard, including in the Hubigraphs Weather Tile.

If you can't find anything let me know and I'll track down the links.


That is incorrect
Hue sensors are just zigbee and can be added directly to he
I have one.

I did not know that! Every day is a learning day :grinning:

Did you enter your API Key?

Check your logs and maybe post any errors found for this app.

Api is in there. Lots of errors in log.

Did you add the United States part in the ZIP? Not sure if that sould be there or not. Tagging @Matthew, he might be able to help with this error.

BTW, I would blank out part of the API key so no one uses yours or change it later if possible.

I reached out to OpenWeatherMap. They suggested changing Country Code from United States to US. That worked. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.