Local Execution on Google Home

... sort of. NLP is still cloud based.

Worth a look


That would be great. We're still waiting for a fix to the Mode implementation which has been broken for 2 years. There still is no support for sensors or fans either. So, there are a lot of things on the list for the Google Home integration that need updating.

Google Assistant/Home does work with BigAssFans and I believe early this year is a target for sensors

For Hubitat? You didn't get that from Hubitat because they NEVER publish timelines.

I was talking about the Hubitat/Google Integration. Nothing else. Thanks.

Got you, I was only thinking from a Google Home perspective, I misunderstood

Is this all a problem from the google home end or the integration from hubitat to home?

I wouldn't call it a problem at all....it's just a lack of feature. They haven't implemented that capability yet.

Does this cover it?

Smart Home Fan Guide  |  Actions on Google Smart Home

Yes, it does. But that won't do you any good. The google app in HE was developed by Hubitat. That means that Hubitat is going to have to be the one to update it. This isn't something that you would be able to implement on your own.