Local dashboard

Are there any options for more sophisticated dashboard look and feel than the default built-in which run locally?

Everything I've found appears to require a web connection.

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I am presuming it is the look of the stock dashboards you are trying to change? The term "sophisticated " can mean different things to different people, so maybe describe what you are looking for.

Have you studied the Show Off Your Dashboards! thread? There are lots of good ideas and ways to make a standard dashboard look quite different if that is what you are desiring.

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If you use Android devices, this is an excellent option:


I am using iOS - anything similar there?

The biggest thing is that I want to be able to use custom color icons that take up the entire tile with no other text or anything else. But most importantly I want it to be completely local with no need to access the internet.

This is the look I'm trying to reproduce (this is done with HABPanel in OpenHab):

NB: there is an error in the weather widget that I haven't fixed which is what's going on in the lower right...

No app like that that I'm aware of, unfortunately. There is a Homebridge integration that may allow a similar result for you.

There are ways to get a look similar to this. I am far from the expert, but modifying the CSS can do things like hide the text/labels. There is a terrific The Noob's (in)complete guide to CSS for Hubitat and there are more helpful threads about CSS if you dig around a bit using search.

There also have been some projects in the past that can alter the look of the Hubitat dashboard, but I am not sure of the status of any of those.

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