Local dashboard with touch display

So I know Hubitat allows creation of local dashboards. I also see some mention of sharptools as a dashboard display but unsure what their capabilities on.

I want to use a touch display device to control my devices locally. I want it to use it when there is no internet connection.

What's the best way of doing so?

It seems to be the best way is to:

  • add a router
  • plug in hubitat into the router
  • connect a tablet (i heard andriod ones work well) to wifi from router
  • Use a browser to visit the local network for hubitat

I can't talk to the capabilities of SharpTools, but the steps you outlined at the end of your post are essentially what I would recommend. There may be a few minor details to cover off, like maybe the need for a local DNS, but you've got the major points covered.

I'm not sure it has to be Android. While it does open up other options for you, many people have also mounted old iPads on their walls as well. Again, not something I can talk to with any experience.

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You can use local LAN-connected android devices, iPads, and a PC if using Hubitat Dashboards as a method to control the devices. Some have also used old Amazon Fire Tablets (take some special setup.

For the adroid devices and iPad, you will have to load the Hubitat App (using cloud to load). Once loaded, I believe it works on the local LAN. For the browser interface, the dashboards are local LAN if you choose to display as such.


I'm using standard HE dashboards with two Amazon Kindle Fires and two ancient Android phones, all with the Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB), touch control, and the Fully Kiosk Bowser Controller app. Using FKB with FKBC allows for TTS messaging and playing sounds, such as a siren or chime MP3s, and much more.

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Check out [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app

My setup is similar to what you suggested. I have a wifi router , not connected to the internet , and an Ipad to control the hubitat thru a dashboard . Work good , I onl connect the router to the internet when I need to update something.

Is it possible to use a raspberry pi for this function as well?

I'm looking for a device maybe with B&W lcd screen low consumption , maybe battery operated which can show a hubitat dashboard. I don't want anything power-sucker like a phone or tablet. anyone maybe have any ideas? best would be an always-on low power display.

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