Local dashboard access not working

I just discovered that I can't access my dashboards locally! This is the first time anything like this has happened. Any pointers?

I just discovered that somehow the IP address of the hub totally changed. Normally 192.168.xx.xx (and it's even still reachable at this) but under settings it reads 169.254.xx.xx

Router didn’t respond when the hub rebooted…


Probably need some details like how you are accessing the, e.g. is it through a browser or the app? What browser? Were you able to access the same link before? If so, did it stop working at a particular point in time? Can you access the admin UI?

The firmware version of hub may also be useful...

Ah, hub ip should do it....

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That's what I was wondering but the odd thing is that this all happened right in the middle of looking at some devices. C7
I have total access to everything else.

Is that like a public IP address? Not my area of expertise...

Update: I rebooted and everything is accessible now. Now something new...
I am working with some CSS and I go to click and drag to highlight and instead of highlighting, it moves the whole window around! Click and drag works as expected elsewhere.

I get the same behaviour. Can't say if it has been like that for some time or is a recent thing, for me at least. I typically click in there and then use my keyboard... I think...

I get the same behaviour in Chrome and Edge.

Really odd. Seems to be a bug. I know it hasn't been like for very long cause I use it all the time for when I want multiple tiles to be formatted similarly. Save time typing.

169.254.xx.xx is the built in default IP for the hub when it can’t obtain one from the router.


169.254.x is an Automatic Private IP address - when a DHCP device broadcast for an address and no answer is given, devices drop into that subnet.