Local & cloud dashboards flip flop

I am a new Hubitat owner. I set up my Hubitat over the weekend & everything seems to be working great. However, on the iPhone app, when in my dashboard, the app frequently switches between local & cloud dashboard approximately every 20 seconds or so, back & forth. Any idea what is causing this & how to fix it?

I've not seen that behavior, the only thing I can think of to try is in Settings->Cellular at the bottom is WiFi Assist you could try turning that off to see if it makes a difference.

I would think that might happen if your phone switches between WiFi and cellular data as you move around. You might be able to test this theory by turning off WiFi on the phone and see if this behavior goes away . . .

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My wifi modem/router is dual band. If I have it set to one band the cloud/local dashboard keeps flipping. If I connect to the other band the problem goes away as far as I can tell. So, I guess I'll just need to keep my iPhone on the good band.