Litterbox routine

Something I came across. Seems workable for a non smart litter box...

yea, but there is nothing better than the Litter Robot. Dominic Meglio's (@dman2306's ) port of Nate Spencer's SmartThings integration works perfectly. Coupled with appropriate rules inspired by Jared Zimerman (@jared.zimmerman) to change light strips to green, yellow, red depending on the fullness of the litter drawer (and flash when things get critical), there's no need to use any app. Just replace litter when the rules indicate that it's needed.

Sure but I don't wanna buy a $500 litter box. My cats are just not that important (even though they think they are :rofl:)

Understood, and that's how I felt before I got mine. It's a life changer, and the cats love always having fresh litter. Get your wife to buy one for you as a present. Mine was given to me by my wife for Christmas a year and a half ago, best present I have ever received. Several friends who have come by our house have seen the Litter Robot and have bought their own after seeing it.

Maybe after finishing the basement... Ugh... so much already on the list (fence, basement frame out, attic frame out etc)

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We have had the standard (no Wi-Fi connection) Litter Robot 3 for a little over two years now. It looks like prices went up a bit, which shocks nobody. In that time, we have easily come out ahead based on reduced litter usage. It is hard to put a price on the reductions in hassle or smell, but I am guessing that it is roughly infinity.

Our cats are considerate enough to consistently fill the bin on the same day that I take the trash out. Your cat(s) may vary.

I've owned 2 if them... Past tense.

Ever have a cat with diarrhea or soft stool??? You might not think the robot is so great then, unless you like a crap coated inside of a globe. Lol :wink:

Disgusted Steve Carell GIF

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Nope. One of my cats has GI tract irritation so both cats are on a special diet (Royal Canin Gastro-Intestinal Fiber Response dry food), no problems since.

But it is great having the WiFi Litter-Robot and Dominic’s port of the integration. Our Litter Robot is in a remote bathroom, and I never have to look at it until the light strips start flashing.


The black rectangle on the lid is an infrared distance sensor connected to an Arduino. Once Ruby is done and jumps down, a big-arse servo pulls the flapper and flushes for her. Our other cat Rosie likes to stand inside the bowl, but to each their own, I guess. We haven't had a litter box in 10 years and 3 cats.


Well, you have me beat. My cats aren’t trainable like that. I’m happy they don’t barf in my shoes.

Try having one leave half a mouse in a shoe?

You can train them to leave the whole mouse if you don’t like to share.


All kidding aside, I loved the litter robot until I had special needs cats that regulartly have soft stool.

Litter robot works VERY well.


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