List of all Apps in HPM?

I'm really enjoying using HPM - it makes installing new Apps a doddle :+1:

However, sometimes I want to see if an App for a certain function is available, but I'm not 100% sure what to search for in keywords. And sometimes I don't even think of an idea until I see it :grinning:

Is there a way to list ALL Apps available via HPM, so I can just browse them?

You may want to post here and ask for that to be added

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Also, try searching by tags. It then lists the available tags (giving you a hint as to functions). If you select ALL tags, you get a complete list of all packages (I believe).



I did see some error message pop up (too fast to read, but maybe a 'list too long' type message) but at least now I have hundreds of Apps to look at!

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Don’t think it is in current support mode right now but in the early days this

would give you a fairly complete list. (As the number of packages in HPM grew the run time got a little long, but I believe it still may work.)


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