[LINUX] WeatherFlow Tempest UDP Relay

OK. I'll work on it.
In the meantime if you where able to set templates 1A, 4, 7, 8A in tempest, you can go to your dashboard, create a new tile, then:

Pick a device: WeatherFlow Station 1
Pick a template: Attribute
Pick an attribute: html or html1 or html2 or html3

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How do you get your graphics to show up in your dashboard tiles?

This is done using what I called html templates: html snippets containing hubitat attributes that are expanded at runtime before being displayed in a dashboard.

You can define templates in your Ecowitt device in two ways:

  1. Enter the html snippet directly
  2. Enter a comma separated list of up to 5 indexes to templates in the repository

Once you enter a template and save the preferences, the driver will create a new "html" attribute which can be used in a dashboard. Using indexes, up to 5 html attributes can be created: html, html1, html2, html3, html4.

Note that templates can only include attributes valid for the specific device. So for instance you cannot define a template including the attribute ${windSpeed} for an Ecowitt Temperature and Humidity sensor.

In my example above, for the Tempest I'm using the following template indexes:

1A (html): temperature, humidity and pressure with icon colorized by the simmer summer index

4 (html1): lightning distance, time and count

7 (html2): UV index, danger and illuminance

8A (html3): rain rate, wind speed and wind direction with icon colorized by wind chill

Now, to display a template in a dashboard:

  1. Go to your dashboard, create a new tile
  2. Pick a device: WeatherFlow Station 1
  3. Pick a template: Attribute
  4. Pick an attribute: html or html1 or html2 or html3


v1.1.46 pushed to github:

  • rewrote algorithm to calculate 10 minutes average wind speed and direction
  • fixed a bug that would incorrectly reset rain event accumulation
  • added IPC via shared memory segment
  • added relay statistics

It is now possible to periodically query the relay for useful UDP statistics. Using the command:

tempest --stats

the relay daemon will return up-to-date info:

root@dino:~/tempest# ./tempest --stats

Uptime: 0d.11h.21m.9s
Invalid Events: 0
Debug Events: 0
Unknown Events: 0
Hubs: 1
[0]: HB-0002XXXX 143
     Status Events: 3720
     Sensors: 1
     [0]: ST-0001XXXX 134
          Rain Start Events: 0
          Lightning Strike Events: 0
          Rapid wind Events: 12413
          Observation Events: 680
          Status Events: 621

@mircolino - Please be kind as most of this stuff is very new to me. A bit of background, I have your GW1000 running with 2 gateways and 18 sensors throughout the house and reporting through Hubitat for various things and rules. Great work on that and much appreciated. I received a Tempest for Christmas and just now finding time to get it up and going. Now I come here and would like to include as you have shown above, but running into some roadblocks. I did download the single Tempest file from Github and now have no idea what to do. Did read you readme file as well as the instructions above and I am obviously missing something. Could you point me in the right direction to get this reporting locally via your relay and into Hubitat?

Thanks in advance for all of your work on this and the Ecowitt stuff!

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@davetheoxygenman, the "the elephant in the room" here is that you need a linux system (or virtual machine) running 24x7 to relay local UDP data from the Tempest to Hubitat using the "tempest" executable you downloaded.
Also the executable I uploaded on github is for a amd/intel x86 architecture. If you plan to use a raspberry system, the executable will need to be recompiled for the arm architecture.

Mine is a local integration that reuses my Ecowitt driver for convenience.
If you don't mind a cloud integration, there are two other drivers that can be easier to use:

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@mircolino - Thanks very much for the quick reply and additional resources. I am trying to keep it all local and will investigate a VM for this as I can certainly learn something new. Thanks again for the quick response and pointing out what was not obvious to me. More to cone!

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That's exactly what I do. I'm running the Tempest relay in a barebone Debian VM on an old machine running Windows 10 Hyper-V with all my services: nginx, unifi controller, node-red, pi-hole etc...

Let me know when you have the VM up and running and I'll guide you through all the steps.

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Great thread! thought ill order one now.... and then found, NOT AVAILIABLE OUTSIDE USA/CANADA!!!

FFS!!! apparently ive got to wait until summer, make no sense because if id have been in the market for one during the start up theyd have sent one to me.....

Whinge complete!


v1.1.52 pushed to github:

  • Fixed a bug where the parent would not exit if all worker threads errored out.
  • Added receiver and transmitter retry error to make it more resilient when Hubitat hub is down or not available.
  • Updated github readme with instructions to install, update and uninstall the relay as a linux service. System services will start automatically when the system starts and are restarted automatically in case of failure.

Sorry to hear that. I didn't know Tempest was not available outside of the US and Canada. Did you try asking the community over at https://community.weatherflow.com/?

I see a lot of people from all over the world over there. Are they all backers?

Anyway, Tempest is a great unit. I love mine. Totally worth waiting for :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Thanks for the reply, I havnt had the time to look at the community for it yet. im still very new to HE and to be honest, its a little beyond my technical area and its taking some getting used to! So i need to get the basics like dashboards for my automations sorted out first.

Im getting multiple eye rolls from the wife per hour so i need to cure that :wink: she likes the idea of weather info tho.... however coping with the lights not coming on is something entirely different :rofl:

Just looked at the forum, they want me to install an app before i can sign up. I hate that sort of thing, trying to suck your info in before youve even committed. They can shove it where the sun doesnt shine!

This happened with their previous model too. However in this case you might have dodged a bullet.

I received mine (UK) in about Sept, very happy. However as winter approached it was depleting battery and the solar charging was insufficient. Pressure readings stopped then almost all sensors then it just shutdown around Dec. It is well sited but the sun here in winter (Yorkshire) is just not enough. Many many people have this issue if there are just low sun hours and overcast days. So it’s useless currently. No possibility to charge or supply power either.

Weatherflow are musing over a solution which may involve better solar collection, a battery pack or even wired power. Maybe by summer theywill have an updated model that works 365 days. Having previously praised their support I have been disappointed so far with their attitude.

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Very interest information, thanks for that.

I should add I love the product aside from this issue. I have one of their previous versions and that has batteries you can access so I’m using that still and it’s working well currently.

If you have short spells of bright sunshine as I suspect really winter climates (Canada?) might have then then it’s probably OK. It’s overcast that does it in. Thoughtless not having a manual charge socket though.

Yes it is thoughtless, given that i have £10 solar floodlights that must use far more power, charge from a 150mm square collector, it cant be that hard or expensive to fix. Hopefully they will come up with a hack.

Personally id prefer POE and just hard wire it into my LAN

Hi Kevin, ive not been intouch with weatherflow directly but this is what theve said to another user that reported the issue. "We're in the process of making a power booster accessory that will attach to the Tempest device and keep it powered. This will help owners with siting limitations or installations at high latitudes with limited sunlight in the wintertime."

Thanks for the updates! Just updated to 1.1.52 and everything is functioning properly! Still waiting on that rain tile :wink:

Oh this looks good.
Might be the perfect solution for my poor internet connection problem.

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