Linking things together

I posted over in integration, but probably the wrong spot. So do I for example just like buy an Ecolink garage door tilt sensor and a smart switch and link them together with like an Echo Dot so when the dot detects the garage door open it activates the switch? Or is there more to it than that?

I have a smart lock connected and have played with that and an ecolink firefighter, but I've never made a chain of actions before. I don't even have the firefighter notifying me or anything like that.

You should be able to edit your post (the pencil icon next to the title) after you post it and move it to a different category if you want. I wouldn't worry too much as long as it seems vaguely appropriate, however. Lots of people read all categories, and the Discourse forum software in use here seems better at showing people more posts than traditional hierarchical/folder-based forum software that you may be used to.

Back to this issue: are all the devices you want integrated into Hubitat already? If so, what you want on Hubitat is an app to tie them together. ("App" is the Hubitat term for automations, accessible from the "Apps" menu item on the left side of the admin UI. This is not to be confused with the optional Hubitat mobile app.) There are several built-in apps for common tasks, and you can always create a custom automation with Rule Machine (or even a custom app with your own Groovy code) if needed. But I'd recommend starting with the built-in apps. For your case, Simple Automation Rules sounds like a good choice. You can choose the contact sensor and tell it to turn on the lights when the sensor reports that the door is open and turn them off when closed.

I would not get Alexa involved in this if at all possible. If you have devices that only work with Alexa and not Hubitat directly, then you might have to. Otherwise, with Hubitat, you'll leave the cloud out of the picture (so things will be faster and more reliable), plus Hubitat apps are far more powerful than Alexa Routines (which you'd need to do this with Alexa--and if you're familiar with Routines, I guess apps are that analog on Hubitat).

While we're on the subject of creating automations, Hubitat Safety Monitor or the Notifications app are two ways you could make use of that Ecolink FireFighter to get notified when it detects an alarm if you want. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I had just recently become familiar with Alexa routines and had started a wakeup and sleep routine which for now only starts and stops the music. I was thinking everything had to run through there, but glad to hear that it's apps I should be looking into. I already know how to include smart devices so after I get the two new ones delivered I'll look at the Apps tab to see about connecting them.

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Hey, I installed a light switch that only works with Alexa and I installed the Ecolink contact sensor, but I wasn't able to link them using either Simple Automation Rules or Rule Machine. I tried to go into Alexa and it can see the garage sensor, but it's not able to use it in any routines. Any advice?

Nevermind. I guess after I complained then Alexa decided she could use the sensor. Everything works great. The delay is not too bad. When my wife comes home the secondary, much brighter, garage light comes on so she can see better at night and after 15 minutes it turns itself off.