Does anybody knows if the UK link2home zigbee outdoor light compatible with hubitat?

If it follows standard zigbee protocol, it will likely use the generic zigbee light driver.

F knows

Did anyone ever try to get these working? I just came across a Link2Home display in a lighting/electrical store and there seems to be quite a range at reasonable prices. Available via Amazon too, at least in the UK.

According to a press release on their website:

"London—Dec. 30, 2020—Tuya Smart, a leading AI+IoT Developer Platform that connects the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturers, brands, OEMs, and retail chains, and Link2Home, who has brought innovative design products to consumers worldwide, today issued an announcement of a new partnership, to combine both product manufacturing, distribution, and leading chip and app technology into one."

If they are Tuya-based presumably they should be fairly easy to integrate into HE?

It’s hard to say what that means, exactly. They could have partnered to sell wifi devices, zigbee devices, both, etc.

Each device should state on the box or in the user manual which wireless protocols it supports. Thats not a guaranteed way to determine if it can work with Hubitat, but I would at least start there.


Thanks. I might pick one up and see how it goes...

I actually got curious and emailed them about their protocols and if they have an open API... I'll post what I find out.

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Thanks Rick

Hi, did you get anywhere with these Link2Home items?

Never heard back