Link to Hub with Hue integration

I’m having trouble using link to hub and hue, the remote hub seems to be fine with getting the hue updates, I can even capture scenes. The problem is when I try to activate that scene on the remote hub, I get a bunch of error messages on the primary hub with nothing set/activated.

Here’s the error:
groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: hue for class: java.lang.String (setColor)

Hopefully someone has an idea.

It's not you--there's apparently a bug or at least a limitation in Hub Link/Link to Hub's implementation of some color commands. I described this issue for another poster in this thread a while back, but it appears to be the same issue you ran into:

As I mentioned there, there are two solutions: use Hub Connect (a community-created, more powerful alternative to Hub Link/Link to Hub), or also add the Hue Bridge integration to the other hub (there are pros and cons to this approach, two cons being that it's more work for your Hue Bridge getting polled from both hubs and the fact that devices may briefly be out of sync on both until the poll updates them)--but it's definitely a possibility.

I'll poke at hubconnect. I have so many devices and rules I've been trying to make one hub basically the controller and interface to other hubs and for the zwave/zigbee networks and then a second hub to run all the rules, then a third hub to play with all the 3rd party apps.

I have a few different hubs (only two in "production," one of which handles Z-Wave and most rules/apps that don't relate to lighting, which I'm handling all on its own hub and is basically Zigbee HA hub) and think you'll prefer Hub Connect over Hub Link/Link to Hub--it supports a much wider variety of devices, allows you to use custom drivers if needed, and supports either HTTP or websockets, the latter of which might be faster if you have a ton of devices. Only bad side, in my opinion, is that it's not built in and there are a ton of drivers to install (though you really only need the ones you actually use, and it will tell you which).

Good luck!